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Understanding and Using The Most Popular Tools in Softaculous

With over 400 scripts and 1,000+ PHP classes, Softaculous is a well-known suite of systems, software and tools. It functions […]

Bridgeline Unbound Content – Overview

Bridgeline Unbound Content

Bridgeline Unbound Content was built to include critical search engine optimization tools (SEO) to help companies improve their online presence. Unbound Content provides users with an easy-to-use interface that was designed for business users and doesn’t require technical expertise to publish content. Bridgeline Unbound Content helps marketers make changes to their web content without needing to engage IT resources.

5 Essential Features For Your CMS

The most important part of your web presence is the platform that powers it. A Content Management System (CMS) is a web platform that allows users to centralize data, edit, publish, and modify content on a single back-end interface.

Primary goal of a CMS: Enable non-technical users to seamlessly manage content and customer interactions on their websites. Review 5 Essential Features of a CMS and ensure that you’re powered by the right platform.

4 Software Modernization and Transformation Strategies

The unseen part of our modern world, software, is continuously evolving and transforming. Miles ahead of its hardware counterpart, the […]

5 Ways to Mastermind a Genius Content Strategy

Content marketing is a huge priority for businesses in 2017, with 75% of marketers increasing their investment this year. Yet […]

5 Steps to a Successful Website Redesign

Redesigning your website? Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. By the time you finish reading this 5 step guide, you’ll have a solid plan to get you on your way to a brand new site. Get ready to attract, engage, nurture and convert your visitors!

Contus Vplay

Vplay is live video streaming and video hosting software that enables companies to conduct video conferences, manage and categorize digital assets, and supports corporate employee engagement activities. The platform hosts content on Amazon cloud as well as can be routed to dedicated servers, encrypts video files to protect against hacks or cracks, and provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) functionality to ensure digital assets are not used illegally by others.

Swipe Right for These 6 Features of Web Content Management

For many business owners out there, tackling the challenge of creating a website that accomplishes all of the aforementioned demands is tantamount to their own Mission: Impossible, due to the intense technical knowledge required to successfully pull off such an endeavor. Luckily, there’s a better option than going it solo: web content management software.


Solodev is a cloud-based all-in-one web experience platform that empowers users to build powerful websites that deliver personalized web experiences. The platform provides total design freedom to web designers and allows web developers to deliver maximum impact with minimal code. Solodev empowers marketers with an intuitive workspace to craft web experiences that connect with audiences.