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IBM Fiberlink Maas360 MDM

Fiberlink Maas360 MDM is a full mobile device management software suite with a wide variety of useful features. Within the program, users can easily sign up devices for the service, manage and secure all of them, and monitor their actions.

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager is facilities lifecycle management software that works as an integrated workplace management system focused on improving operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities. The platform utilizes analytics, alerts and process automation to increase the visibility and control of real estate management, capital projects, space management, facility management, and energy management.

– IBM TRIRIGA Facility Management Software

IBM TRIRIGA Facility Management Software is an integrated solution that helps businesses manage all aspects of facility use, including room reservations and move management, as well as analyze facility performance to improve space utilization.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a comprehensive ERP software that integrates cloud infrastructure and services into an IT environment. The platform allows users to bring together multiple data sources, scale systems and incorporate cognitive services for business value.

IBM PureFlex System

The IBM PureFlex System is a fully integrated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) system and includes a unified management of compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources. It is available in express, standard and enterprise configurations.

IBM PureData System for Analytics

IBM PureData System for Analytics is a data warehouse platform designed to enable more queries across more data. Powered by Netezza technology, the software can help create powerful analytic combinations that result into deep insights and is also big data and business intelligence ready.

IBM BigInsights

IBM BigInsights has been become an industry standard Hadoop offering that has combined open source software and enterprise-grade capabilities. The platform provides businesses a cost effective method to manage and analyze big data.

IBM Streams

IBM Streams is a data analytics platform that allows user-developed applications to collect and analyze information to help make smarter business decisions. The software provides users to analyze and watch information and events at sub-millisecond response times.

IBM Connections Cloud

IBM Connections Cloud is an office productivity, social networking, and BI analytics platform designed from the ground-up for in-house business use. A multi-functional platform, IBM Connections facilitates social interaction and also serves as a productivity hub.

IBM Maximo

Maximo is asset management software designed to provides users with near real-time asset usage visibility across multiple sites, as well as works to improve asset return and defers new purchase. The platform is designed to improve asset availability and utilization processes, focuses on reducing downtime, and enables users to control multiple processes including long and short term scheduling and asset maintenance procedures.