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IBM Sterling Commerce

Sterling Commerce is a CPQ software solution that can automate all the processes that go into configuring, pricing and quoting customer goods. As users start to set up their inventory and pricing structures, they can insert complex pricing tiers, enforce policies for special pricing promotions and display different feature and setting options for sold goods.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring

IBM Tivoli Monitoring infrastructure monitoring software designed to monitor the performance of distributed operating systems and applications. The platform is equipped to ensure a secure environment, transfer data and storage, set notifications, and supports communication for agent-server-client processes.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk is asset management software designed to manage the maintenance, repair and operational support of enterprise assets as well as IT assets. The platform stores data concerning assets, facilitites and inventory, schedules maintenance work, and tracks asset status.

IBM Leads

IBM Leads is lead management software that delivers leads to sales teams or other qualified agents, monitors lead quality and measures past lead results. The platform works with general leads, created within the system or imported into the system, and referral leads, created from the referral entry page.

IBM Rational Clearquest

IBM Rational Clearquest is database workflow application development software that provides companies with built-in change and defect tracking tools and allows users to customize processes. The platform is equipped with lifecycle traceability and system visibility, multi-platform support and workflow automation capabilities.

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale is network management software equipped with an elastic in-memory data grid. The platform is designed to cache, partition, replicate and manage both application data as well as business logic and across multiple servers.

IBM Business Process Manager

IBM Business Process Manager is business process management software equipped with tooling and run time for process design, as well as monitoring and work optimizing tools. The platform is available in multiple editions and enables users to author, test and deploy business processes as well as provides full visibility and insights to business processes.

IBM EMM Search Marketing

IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Search Marketing software is pay-per-click marketing management software designed to facilitate data-driven decision making processes, A/B testing, result confidence and streamlined workflows across multiple search engines. The platform is an aspect of the Corematics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite, enables users to run marketing campaigns across multiple channels and devices, and provides users with advanced segmentation capabilities for paid-search performance results.

– SoftLayer CloudLayer

SoftLayer CloudLayer is a full Cloud platform you can use to handle a number of your online content operations. When you first purchase the program, you need to pick and choose your Cloud servers.

IBM BigFix

IBM FibFix can help users manage and secure all mobile devices, servers, and laptops. From the program dashboard, users can view and control all IT assets and encrypt all data at an enterprise scale.