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What Is Sales Acceleration and Why Is It DF15’s Buzzword?

The buildup to the annual Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco is electric. With fresh billboards along the 101, an endless cascade of trending topics and list after list of this year’s ‘it’ software segment, you can definitely feel the energy buzzing around Silicon Valley. This year, one of those conference buzzwords is sales acceleration. Not unlike the Pumpkin Spice Latte, sales acceleration as a concept isn’t new, yet the software world seems completely captivated with idea. Before we take a look at the leading sales acceleration companies taking over Dreamforce, we need to fully understand what the segment is and why it’s gaining so much traction in the market.

Top 5 Tips for Crushing Your Quota with LiveHive

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Funny Sales Video – Sell Like the “Closer”

Check out this fun sales video from LiveHive, which highlights the achievements a LiveHive user can obtain with access to the software’s innovative technology.

What Is LiveHive?

Find out how your sales team can benefit from the improved insight into prospect engagement that the LiveHive application provides. Check out this video to learn more.

Using LiveHive Engagement Analytics for Sales Follow-Up

Find out how LiveHive’s advance analytics can help you better understand prospect engagement, including when files attachments are opened and viewed.

LiveHive Sales Automation – Building a Repeatable Process

Check out this introductory video to learn how you can use LiveHive to simplify sales processes with email templates, prospect ranking and analytics.


LiveHive is a sales acceleration platform that delivers email automation combined with comprehensive engagement analytics. The platform increases productivity and improves follow-up effectiveness for sales organizations by helping them understand a buyer’s interest level, quickly identify everyone involved in the buying process, rank top prospects according to engagement and automate follow-up.