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OpenText Content Suite

OpenText Content Suite is an enterprise content management solution that can manage a wide variety of content at an enterprise level. For the content itself, the program makes all of it easy to find, ensures that all is up-to-date, and stores file metadata.

OpenText Document Management

OpenText Document Management can handle both physical and digital documents on an enterprise scale. The program makes documents easily organizable, sharable, searchable, and classifiable.

– OpenText Social Workplace

OpenText Social Workplace is a virtual environment where team members across the globe can meet. It is a simple, out-of-the-box program that requires little-to-no support.

OpenText ProVision

OpenText ProVision is business process management software incorporated within the OpenText Process Suite that provides users with multi-layered business strategy visibility pertaining to people, processes, systems and technologies. The platform assists users with anticipation of change effects, supports collaboration with business and IT users, and assists users with leveraging resources and driving improvements.

OpenText Process360 for SharePoint

Process360 for SharePoint is business process management software that enables users to leverage SharePoint applications and other Microsoft technologies. The platform is incorporated within the OpenText Process Suite and enables users to utilize content management, collaboration, user interface design and integrated communication tools offered by Microsoft.

OpenText Process Suite

OpenText Process Suite is a collection of business process and case management tools that enable users to manage case workflows and streamline and automate business processes. The suite is designed to integrate with existing systems and embeds enterprise content management tools with context in order to provides users with access to information pertaining to people, processes, data and tasks.

OpenText ECM

OpenText ECM is a robust enterprise content management suite that helps organizations take control of their content, put it to work, and profit from it. The platform allows companies to harness and secure the vast amounts of information being created, and ensure compliance with standards and regulations.