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– OpenText Social Workplace Review

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OpenText works with medium and enterprise companies across the world in a variety of industries.

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OpenText Social Workplace

- OpenText Social WorkplaceOpenText Social Workplace is a virtual environment where team members across the globe can meet. It is a simple, out-of-the-box program that requires little-to-no support. Company members can form groups within the virtual environment and communicate freely between one another. Users create comprehensive personal profiles, follow other users’ online activity, upload content, and post updates for projects. The program has a simple interface and supports wikis and many file types. Ultimately, Social Workplace’s goal is for companies to showcase their works so that their employees can be inspired.

About OpenText
OpenText was founded in 1991 and is a publicly traded company with $1,207 million in revenue. Social Workplace was used at the G-20 Summit in Toronto by a number of finance ministers and bank governors. OpenText has won a number of awards, including Two 2011 SAP® Pinnacle Awards, being named Top Software Company by Branham300, and being ranked in the Digital Software Magazine “Software 500.”

Social Workplace Suite Key Features

  • Easy to install and run
  • Users can share a wide variety of file types
  • Promotes community within companies
  • Effective search engine for content, users, and documents
  • Simple interface
  • Secure and mobile

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