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Opera Solutions Procurement

Opera Solutions Procurement is a business intelligence platform that uses Big Data analytics to manage materials properly. The platform features solutions for direct and indirect spend, capital goods and services and facilities.

Opera Solutions Signal Hub

Signal Hub is an end-to-end big data analytics software solution designed to extract insights and intelligence from large volumes of data, as well as work with different data types and different data formats. The platform utilizes a new construct called a Signal Layer to store synthesized intelligence to provide companies with a constantly refreshing library, to extract values from raw data, and enables users to share highly synthesized information throughout their company.

Opera Solutions Marketing and Sales

Opera Marketing and Sales is an application suite designed to assist marketers in multiple areas including price setting, maintenance of client relationships and reduction of fading and attrition. The functionality available to the platform ranges from price optimization to tracking individual customer behavior.

– Opera Solutions Big Data Analytics

Opera Solutions supports Apache Hadoop and has created solutions for Big Data companies through their Vektor Platform to transform the ways company access their data reserves for better decision making.