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– Opera Solutions Big Data Analytics Review

Product Snapshot


Opera Solutions deploys a data analytics process by way of a Hadoop-based platform – Vektor – operating on a circulation system called Opera’s Insight Bureau. Interfaces include desktops, tablets, handhelds, kiosks, etc.

Customer Focus

Opera Solutions offers pre-packaged functionality for specific industries like finance and risk management, financial marketing, healthcare, government, marketing, and supply chain.



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Opera Solutions Overview

- Opera Solutions Big Data AnalyticsOpera Solutions custom-built big data platform, Vektor, runs on Hadoop and uses NoSQL to store data. Opera differentiates itself from other big data analytics companies by having their customers “stream” their data to the Opera platform. This data is then interpreted and presented in an actionable manner. It does this by looking for signals – repeating patterns in large sets of data. Opera’s solution includes 40,000 pre-set signals, like buyer price sensitivity. This “predictive analysis” serves a consultancy function: data patterns are continuously refined and adapt to fluctuations.

Vektor is the platform on which the Insight Bureau sits, the control center that circulates data and recommendations. Continuous feedback and Adaptive Learning models ensure that data analysis is speedy, accurate, and nimble.

Opera offers two versions of its solution: Enterprise, for Global 250 and large governmental agencies, where Opera engages with the customer and builds a solution (on the Vektor platform) specific to their needs; and Vertical, which are pre-determined analytics specific to certain industries.

About Opera
Founded in 2004, Opera Solutions is one of the fastest growing solution providers in Big Data, with over 700 employees and offices in New York, Jersey City, Boston, San Diego, London, Paris, New Delhi, and Shanghai. In 2009, they participated in a three-year competition, where their three-team “ensemble” came in second out of 41,000 teams. In 2011, they secured $84 million in funding.

Opera Solutions Key Features

  • Reusable platform layers
  • Flexible integration
  • Low IT investment
  • Flexible interface delivery
  • Custom and performance-related reporting
  • Continuous feedback
  • Various algorithms
  • Smarter machines for adaptive learning
  • 160 advanced-degree scientists
  • Library of 40,000 signals in model classification


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