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OptifiNow Sales Process Automation

OptifiNow Sales Process Automation is sales enablement software that provides users with tools designed to standardize sales processes and to automate routines and repetitive tasks. The platform facilitates sales pipeline management, works to decrease the sales cycle length and to increase the sales win rate, and enables sales reps to access qualified, scored, nurtured, augmented and prioritized sales opportunities.

OptifiNow Lead Management

OptifiNow Lead Management is lead management software designed to ensure that all leads are tracked, nurtured and contacted while remaining within company-defined practices. The platform works with hundreds of lead providers and integrates with thousands of marketing sources, and facilitates expedited lead contact processes in order to shorten the time between when a lead is created and when first contact is made.

OptifiNow Content Management

OptifiNow Content Management is enterprise content management software designed to centrally manage and deploy the most current content, manages multiple file types including Office documents, PDFs, art files, video and audio files, and insures compliance and brand standards. The platform creates an organized and searchable content database, ensures that only the most current collateral, branding and promotions are in use, and is equipped with enhanced security measures including user access controls and automatic audit trails.

OptifiNow Social Collaboration

OptifiNow Social Collaboration is collaboration software creates a private corporate social network designed to enable employees to collaborate across geographies, content and business applications. The platform enables users to identify and locate the employees, content and skill sets best suited to any business project, capture, centralize and share corporate knowledge, and engages all employees through a single, centralized network.