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David or Goliath: A 2017 Overview of the Leading CRM Vendors

Back in the Summer of 2014, we shared a blog post titled David or Goliath: A 2014 Overview of the […]

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

SAP Lumira is business intelligence software that allows users access data and generate visualization models. The platform connects with multiple external platforms, including but not limited to SAP BusinessObjects Universe, SAP HANA, freehand SQL, Hortonworks Sandbox and MapR Sandbox.

SAP Ariba Spend Management

SAP Ariba Spend Management is a spend management software solution that reduces supplier-related costs through collaboration and communication. The program starts out by analyzing all purchasing data and putting it through a number of BI tools and models.

SAP Transportation Management

SAP Transportation Management is a transportation management software solution that helps provide visibility over growing enterprise-level supply chains. As orders come in from various channels, the program displays them on a centralized dashboard and allows users to make fulfillment decisions. For instance, users can optimize all outgoing freight routes, negotiate with carriers on pricing and view all billing activity in real-time.

SAP Mobile Secure

SAP Mobile Secure is mobile device management software designed to work as an EMM portfolio that supports MDM, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security, and mobile application management (MAM). The platform enables users to manage and develop detailed device and app-level security policies, as well as enables internal IT teams to fix, upgrade, and refresh mobile devices while working to prevent data loss.

– SAP CRM for Service

SAP CRM for Service is a CRM software solution designed for contact centers and service agents. At the start, the program can take existing marketing materials and run targeted campaigns towards specific contact segments. As contacts start to inquire about products and services, users can send out price quotations and create service contracts.

– SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite is a set of BPM software solutions that runs and transforms core business processes. As users interact with processes, the program uses industry best practices to adjust the processes and hone them to meet users’ individual needs. These processes are also designed to help users work from any networked location.

SAP Enterprise Asset Management

SAP Enterprise Asset Management is an enterprise asset management software solution that works with assets throughout their entire lifecycles. At the start, users can easily enter assets into the program database and track all asset performance in real-time. For maintenance, users can set up preventive maintenance schedules to keep assets in top shape before they become suspect to damage.

– SAP Business Objects Roambi Flow

Roambi Flow is a publication software solution that works with Roambi Analytics to create rich publications. At the start, users can choose from one of many design templates for a new publication. Users can then drag and drop assets into the publication. For instance, these assets include videos, visual analytics from Roambi Analytics, text fields and images.

SAP Roambi

SAP Roambi is a mobile data analytics platform designed to create, publish and share data insights of a business’s data. The platform delivers integrated visualizations on native applications instantaneously with offline functionality for Mobile and PC.