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Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager

Real-Time Interaction Manager is marketing automation software that identifies real-time marketing and customer connection opportunities. The platform enables users to respond to customer insights across multiple channels with contextually relevant messages that pertain to the customer’s real-world needs and interests.

– Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

The goal of the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is to make it easy for enterprise businesses to use the science of data in order to drive new business through big data analytics.

Teradata Analytics Platform

The Teradata Analytics Platform is analytics software built to help users simplify and improve user experiences by providing analytics at scale, integrating with other analytic engines, and supporting tools companies are already utilizing. The platform provides companies with an integrated data and analytics environment, supports multiple data types, formats, and heterogeneous data stores, and allows companies to build and use analytics through their preferred analytic tools and languages.