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TIBCO Jaspersoft

TIBCO Jaspersoft is a business intelligence platform designed to empower users with faster decisions through embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics. The platform allows users to work with visuals such as dashboards, self-service reports and analytics and integrate multiple data sources into a single metadata view.

Behind the Software Q&A with tibbr

With the amount of social collaboration tools out there today it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. The best social collaboration tools make good on moving their conversations past simple extensions of watercooler conversation. Enterprise software veterans TIBCO have created just such a standout in the form of tibbr. We sat down with Sriram Chakravarthy, VP of products and engineering for TIBCO, to learn more about how the team is setting tibbr apart.

TIBCO Nimbus

TIBCO Nimbus is business process management and documentation software that presents people, process and system interaction data as easy-to-understand data visualizations. The platform facilitates and enables clear communication processes, works to improve and simplify business operations, and is built to document full end-to-end business processes in order to provide users with a single end-to-end view.

– TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions is a rules engine software solution that allows you capture and model the logic that hold your processes together. The program uses visual models and smaller decision tables to setup all your rules.

TIBCO BusinessWorks

TIBCO BusinessWorks is application development software that works to reduce time-to-market, maximize resource utilization, and provides developers with self-service tools designed to provide infrastructure and platform resources. The platform enables users to build cloud-native integrated applications, uses on-demand and elastic automated infrastructures, and facilitates fast application development and deployment processes.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is model-driven business process management software designed to support multiple business process styles from human workflows to case management. The platform is designed to be highly flexible in order to react in real-time to business events as well as support dynamic work delivery, ad hoc activities, elastic organizatinos and dynamic processes.

TIBCO tibbr

tibbr is an enterprise social network that provides a virtual workspace designed to create a collaborative, effective work environment. The platform allows users to discuss and track projects, chat in real-time and instantly share news and updates.

Let’s Talk Jaspersoft: Behind the Software with CEO Brian Gentile

We talked to Jaspersoft Chairman and CEO Brian Gentile to find out more about the company’s business intelligence tools.

TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a data analytics platform designed for data mining that comes in two versions: Spotfire Cloud and Spotfire Platform. The software provides users with web authoring, unlimited sharing and cloud storage up to 250GB.

TIBCO JasperSoft JasperReports

JasperReports is a business intelligence software that delivers real-time business information directly to browsers or printers. Once users build a report and deploy it to the JasperReports server, the report can be executed, exported, or scheduled for a later deployment date.