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Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize is paid search and social marketing software that works to increase conversions and sales by utilizing customer interactions and engagement data. The platform is equipped with A/B and multivariate testing tools, ‘Hello Bars’ for displaying promotions or welcome back messages, and exit intent tools.

Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint

Analytics for SharePoint is business intelligence software that measures, tracks and reports on SharePoint application performance. The platform provides users with unlimited custom analytics dashboards that display key metrics, user adoption, document actions, social and geo maps, and word clouds, enables users to create unlimited custom reports, and is designed specifically to measure and work with SharePoint environments.

– Webtrends Social Measurement

Webtrends Social Measurement is a social intelligence solution that allows businesses to prove the social ROI of services like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

WebTrends Search Marketing Solutions

WebTrends Dynamic Search is an automated search marketing optimization solution that manages, optimizes, and grows paid search advertising across major search networks like Google and Yahoo.