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AccountEdge Pro Guide
White Paper provided by Acclivity

With over 25 years of uninterrupted development on the Mac, AccountEdge Pro is a premium small business accounting software for Mac users. AccountEdge Pro allows business owners to organize, process, and report on their financial information with ease so they can focus on their business. Its feature set is built to allow users to handle every aspect of their business including accounting, integrated payroll, sales and purchases, contact management, inventory, online orders, and time billing.

Software Selection for Enterprise Resource Planning
White Paper provided by IFS

In our digital, data-driven, constantly accelerating modern business environment, the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is one of the principal tools companies use to manage and leverage change to maintain or improve competitive standing. For most companies, it is the most important technology they will implement to run their business.

IFS and GIS: A Powerful Tool For Enterprise Asset Management
White Paper provided by IFS

The use of computer-based maps in organizations and across society in general is becoming pervasive. Maps make it possible to view a wide variety of information in a geographic format. And that geographically displayed data empowers people and organizations to analyze information more precisely, make more informed decisions, and improve operations. IFS has aligned itself closely with Esri and has developed a robust integration with the Esri GIS software. This IFS integration with Esri enables geographicbased data visualization and analysis for multiple diverse purposes.

Ensuring Military Assets Are At The Ready - Is PBL Still The New Approach?
White Paper provided by IFS

The defense industry has for some years, along with other high-tech industrial markets, been transforming from being solely engineering and manufacturing oriented to focusing on platform and asset availability. Companies are now typically judged on product availability and performance over lifecycles that might last 50 years. Suppliers are already on a transformational staircase, moving from traditional organic support, through spares inclusive maintenance arrangements, to contracted platform availability and eventually whole capability like the Voyager multi-role tanker, or the Ascent Flight Training military flying training contract in the UK.

The Need For Complete Traceability in the Food and Beverage Industry
White Paper provided by IFS

One of the biggest fears for process manufacturing companies is a product or ingredient being contaminated by an unknown source. The process manufacturing supply chain is long and complex. It includes international and domestically sourced processors, distributors, shippers and consumers. With all this complexity, companies still have to maintain proper regulatory standards while keeping high quality services, in what is an increasingly competitive market.

Meticulous Change Management
White Paper provided by IFS

Service organizations, both large and small, are always evaluating ways to raise productivity, respond to customers more quickly, speed issue resolution times, trim service delivery costs, and more . . . all while boosting customer loyalty. This is true for all organizations that deliver goods or services to customers, whether those customers are consumers, retail outlets, hospitals, manufacturers, or a multitude of other businesses and industries.

ERP For Floating Production Storage And Off-Loading
White Paper provided by IFS

When your key assets are production vessels which work offshore in dozens of places around the globe, and were specially converted by engineering and shipyard partners under a complex, multi-year process, those qualities drive particular enterprise software needs. That is why selection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) by companies that own and operate floating production & offloading (FPSO) vessels brings with it a unique set of system capabilities to consider.

Wrike Guide for Managers
White Paper provided by Wrike

Within this white paper, you will find a quick guide to working with Wrike. Functionality includes: task list overview, advanced filters and custom reports and dynamic Gantt chart diagrams.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You More Productive
White Paper provided by Wrike

Armed with the results of multiple research studies, including our own, we’ll introduce you to the three most dangerous productivity killers. This introduction, however, would be TBU (true-but-useless), unless backed up by some action items. That’s why we’ll also provide you with an arsenal of weapons to get rid of these threats once and for all.

5 Most Common Mistakes Made by Project Managers
White Paper provided by Wrike

This white paper is our humble attempt to compress those war stories in the shortest possible form to help you improve your skills. Here we’ll tell you about the five most common mistakes managers make when managing multiple projects. Read very attentively, as we will also disclose the five strategies that will help you become a productive project manager who can easily complete several projects on time and on budget.