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Best Practices in Enterprise Contract Management
White Paper provided by Icertis

Real-world examples of how leading companies were able to minimize risk, reduce costs and realize the full potential of their contractual relationships. The companies featured here come from a wide variety of industries, yet they share many of the same challenges.

What to Look For in an Enterprise Resource Planning System
White Paper provided by IFS

ERP is a technology strategy that integrates a set of business functions, such as finance, HR, and purchasing, with operational aspects, such as manufacturing or distribution, through tight linkages from operational business transactions to financial records. If you are planning to implement an ERP system, there are multiple areas to consider.

Enterprise Software Usability and Digital Transformation
White Paper provided by IFS

Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. But at its heart is the idea that as we use more digital technologies, those technologies change the way we live and, more pointedly, the way we conduct commerce and do business. Businesses are introducing new technologies in innovative ways to reduce cost, create new revenue opportunities and improve the customer experience.

Discover Why Field Service Companies are Moving to Servitization Business Models
White Paper provided by IFS

Field service organizations are looking for new innovative ways to maximize operational efficiency and reduce operational costs. This change has created a fundamental shift in the industry, from expectations through to functionality and approach. As product-based companies move towards a service-based performance model, the shift from commoditization to servitization has become more evident as the way forward.

Are Trade/Specialty Contractors Leveraging Technology for Aftermarket Service?
White Paper provided by IFS

To better understand how trade/specialty contractors currently use technology to manage their service organizations, we conducted a study of 200 trade contractor executives. In it, current aftermarket field service practices and gaps were revealed.

Construction: Optimizing Your Opportunity to Maximize Revenue Throughout the Asset Lifecycle
White Paper provided by IFS

Construction and contracting customers today are demanding complete through-life service for their assets. Because customers want more than just asset delivery, asset owners are undergoing a change of mindset, looking to performance-based relationships that model whole-life costs and deliver guaranteed outcomes.

Driving Manufacturing Efficiency in a World of Disruptive Technology
White Paper provided by IFS

76% of manufacturers will increase their use of smart devices or embedded intelligence in two years. While technology can be beneficial and necessary, the key to success will be the ability to distinguish between what is new and what is useful.

Software Selection for High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing
White Paper provided by IFS

Manufacturers and high-tech companies today understand that change presents a constant challenge. Competition can come from anywhere on the globe at breathtaking speed, and risk and opportunity are often closely coupled. Keeping risk at bay, and identifying and seizing opportunity, are traits of companies that thrive in this environment. Enterprise (ERP) software is one of the main tools modern manufacturers leverage to grasp the opportunities that arise from successfully meeting challenges

IFS Field Service Management Associa Customer Story
Case Study provided by IFS

Property management company Associa has leveraged cloud technology to improve efficiency and work order management for its mobile service force. By implementing IFS Field Service Management (FSM) solution, Associa was able to accomplish:

  • Improved service level agreement (SLA) oversight and compliance
  • Standardize its work order processes
  • Increase billable hours
IFS Field Service Management NEE Customer Story
Case Study provided by IFS

Never saying no to your customers is a sizeable undertaking for any enterprise, especially in a complex business like NEE’s. NEE, a distributor of energy-related equipment throughout Canada, implemented IFS Field Service Management so that it could turn its challenges into profitable business opportunities, enter new business areas and expand its offering.