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What are The Challenges of Servitization for 2018 and Beyond?
White Paper provided by IFS

The results analyzed in this report indicate that a holistic approach to servitization is important in order to achieve peak revenue and profitability from service as a manufacturer or service-centric organization.

Why and how to integrate IFS Field Service Management software with popular CRM software
White Paper provided by IFS

Usually, field service management (FSM) software should be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) because both use customer information. This ensures a customer’s needs and expectations can be addressed regardless of whether they are interacting with a CRM user, a field service technician or someone else in the service organization.

Epicor Prophet 21 Value Summary
White Paper provided by Epicor

No other ERP provider knows distribution like we do. Epicor is focused on the things that matter to you—work queues, PO variance queues, kitting, assembly and production orders, advanced inventory forecasting, VMI, and special project pricing. We build our software using industry best practices and over 45 years of distribution experience.

Epicor Success Story: Emergent Safety Supply
Case Study provided by Epicor

Established in 1985, Emergent Safety Supply is a distributor of janitorial and safety products—ranging from earplugs and gloves to high-end equipment for confined space and fall protection. Emergent Safety Supply has developed a reputation as an innovator of safety solutions, bringing new products and services to its marketplace.

Epicor Success Story: Duncan-Parnell Inc
Case Study provided by Epicor

Named to North Carolina’s “Mid-Market Fast 40” list in 2014, Duncan-Parnell Inc. is a distributor and service provider for professional equipment, serving the AEC (architectural/engineering/construction) market including contractors, surveyors and designers. According to CFO Vicki Hafele, “In the service arena, we are a digital and large color printer, we provide service and training on all the equipment we sell, and we have major repair centers for surveying/mapping equipment.

Epicor Success Story: Birmingham Fastener Inc
Case Study provided by Epicor

Birmingham Fastener, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fasteners for structural steel fabrication, metal building manufacturers, transportation, water works and utilities, original equipment manufacturers, agricultural equipment manufacturers, construction, and maintenance repair operators (MRO).

Taking Your Distributorship to the Cloud
White Paper provided by Epicor

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has come a long way in less than 20 years. Originally focusing on automating back-office functionality that didn’t involve customers, ERP soon evolved to include several phases of a business’ transactional operations.

Digitization Doesn't Have To Be All-Or-Nothing
White Paper provided by Epicor

One would be hardpressed to find a distribution executive who doesn’t agree that the future of their industry is digital. Business-to-business distributors have long been behind the times when it comes to technology innovation—and slow to adopt it. Nonetheless, distributors have gradually been implementing or upgrading software and business tools and hiring more tech-savvy employees to increase the digital element of their culture.

Epicor Data Analytics eBook
White Paper provided by Epicor

According to CIO Magazine, business intelligence (BI) refers to a range of software applications that are used to analyze a company’s raw data and support the critically important function of business analytics. Through such processes as data mining, analysis, querying, and reporting, a robust BI system can enable unprecedented new insights into a business and positively impact a company’s growth by helping management teams actively reduce costs, identify new opportunities, develop targeted strategies, and improve overall decision-making—even within companies that perceive themselves as successful and up-to-date.