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ERP for Food and Beverage Compliance
White Paper provided by IFS

Managing reverse logistics and depot repair, or all operations related to the reuse of products and materials, is a growing challenge for B2C and B2B manufacturers, retailers and service organizations. Despite the difficulties, addressing reverse logistics issues should be a priority for any product-based service business engaged in aftermarket repair services.

How Digital Transformation is Changing Manufacturing
White Paper provided by IFS

Thanks to the steady progression of technology adoption in manufacturing, significant changes are already apparent in the results of a primary research study of 200 industrial executives in North America.

IFS Applications for Manufacturing
White Paper provided by IFS

IFS Applications turns manufacturing challenges into opportunities and removes the hassle from your day-to-day business. Whatever mode—or modes—of manufacturing you employ, user-friendly IFS Applications increases productivity and helps you keep an eye on the bottom line.

Enterprise Software Mobility and Digital Transformation
White Paper provided by IFS

This research report by industrial executives in North America studies the impact that enterprise software mobility has on an industrial organization’s ability to digitally transform their operation. While organizations use technology in different ways, each of the study’s respondents is, to varying degrees, prepared to realize the benefits of digital transformation.

3 Tips For Integrating Field Service Management Software with ERP
White Paper provided by IFS

Imagine the benefits of seamlessly integrating your organization's field service management software with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The systems could share data in real time and you could streamline your operation and serve your customers better.

Drive Efficiency with Workbooks GatorMail
White Paper provided by Workbooks

Your email marketing and CRM systems are much like your sales and marketing teams - each has a defined role in a shared objective for your business. They may touch the same group of people in different ways and at different times, and are most effective when they work together. Workbooks combines CRM and email marketing in one solution. Part of the Workbooks suite, Workbooks GatorMail is an advanced email marketing tool enabling you to easily and efficiently send targeted marketing messages via email to any mailing list. How complex, dynamic or automated you want the message to be is defined by you!

Generate New Business with Web Insights
White Paper provided by Workbooks

Your business is always on the lookout for more leads to drive business growth. And like most organisations today, your website is probably a core element of your marketing strategy. But we all know that only a small percentage of your website visitors will actually make contact with you - many just look around and then leave.

Workbooks Packaged Services Datasheet
White Paper provided by Workbooks

Workbooks offers a variety of packaged services including Adobe Sign Integration, Xero Integration with Zapier, Reporting Workshop, Workbooks Helping Hands, Advisory Packs, and Customer Success Plus.

Drive Business Success with Workbooks CRM
White Paper provided by Workbooks

Great customer relationships are the bedrock of a thriving business and the key to success. Workbooks provide an affordable, feature-rich Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that enables mid-sized organisations to efficiently acquire, convert and retain customers.

Case Study provided by Workbooks

Amstore is a leading Digital Media production company, servicing the corporate and entertainment markets. Amstore has evolved from a commodity manufacturer to a creative production agency with clients, re-sellers and suppliers around the world. Amstore is also a versatile company with the ability to add new products to its product range which empowers them to continue to grow in their market sector.