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Contract Management Maturity Assessment
White Paper provided by Icertis

Understand the priorities for every business function — and how the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform meets those challenges. Whether it’s the CFO, the chief legal officer, or someone from procurement, sales or IT; every stakeholder has a unique set of requirements.

10 Reasons Manufacturers Need Software and Technology
White Paper provided by Global Shop Solutions

5 Must Do's To Fix Your Shop Floor
White Paper provided by Global Shop Solutions

5 Ways to Modernize Your Manufacturing Purchasing
White Paper provided by Global Shop Solutions

Today’s manufacturing environment is all about eliminating waste and building efficiency into every area of the business – including purchasing – so you can offer a quality product at competitive prices. But if you’re still using outdated purchasing processes, it can lead to problems on the shop floor that affect workflow, customer relationships and the company’s bottom line.

Adding Value to Your Distribution Business
White Paper provided by Epicor

A fundamental principal of business operations is distinguishing your company from the competition. Since larger companies often have the advantage of scale, smaller companies must find ways to differentiate themselves to appeal to new customers, retain existing customers, and add new revenue streams. One way distributors can do this is by offering value-added services to their customers.

Is Your ERP Ready for AI?
White Paper provided by Epicor

AI is transforming how business leaders look at enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality, driven by digital disruptors that are leveraging AI across several dimensions to innovate on behalf of customers. But what is it? And how exactly can it help a business grow? This white paper outlines how artificial intelligence will increasingly support and enhance core ERP capabilities for distributors.

Enterprise Software for Distributors - Is There a Perfect Fit?
White Paper provided by Epicor

Implementing or replacing your ERP system is no light matter. It may appear to be a difficult and painful process, but, if executed correctly, it can open business opportunities and make your life easier.

13 To Do’s to Manufacture Like a Boss
White Paper provided by Global Shop Solutions

Are you manufacturing like a boss? The 13 To Do's in this whitepaper will give you the steps you need to master manufacturing with swagger and skill. Download the whitepaper today.

10 Must Do's for Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturers
White Paper provided by Global Shop Solutions

Gain the Advantage with Greater Efficiency in Manufacturing
White Paper provided by IFS

Speed and accuracy of response is often the difference between winning and losing new business. For manufacturers, this is most clear when estimating or responding to new bid opportunities. Your business must be able to react quickly and quote accurately to gain a competitive edge.