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The Connected Service Business
White Paper provided by IFS

Service providers must ensure on-time performance of mission-critical tasks while optimizing remotely deployed workforces. A new wave of technologies and increased pressure to provide excellent service are forcing the field service industry to adapt. This will continue as customer expectations increase and industry competition continues to grow.

18 Recruiting Tips for 2018
White Paper provided by iCIMS

Recruiters are constantly challenged to find and hire top talent despite a dynamic hiring landscape. New technologies, developing job seeker behaviors, and the rise and fall of skill sets requires more than traditional recruiting strategies. In this eBook you’ll explore 5 chapters with 18 key tips to achieve your 2018 recruiting goals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recruiting on Twitter
White Paper provided by iCIMS

First things first: When you recruit on social do you mostly recruit on sites designed for job searching such as LinkedIn? Recruiting on LinkedIn makes sense. But, did you know that there are nearly 330 million monthly active users on Twitter? 330 million active users! That’s huge. Twitter is the third-largest social network behind Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s time to learn the benefits of recruiting on Twitter.

Easy Steps to a Successful Recruiting Strategy
White Paper provided by iCIMS

Nothing is more important than hiring the right people. 73% of employers admit that making a bad hire is costlier than leaving a position open. In fact, a survey found that 41% of hiring managers and HR professionals who have made a bad hire estimate it costing thousands of dollars. To successfully recruit and hire, a strategy that is backed by forward-looking technology is necessary.

Commerce + CMS: 5 Tactics to Increase Your Bottom Line
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital

Today's consumer is always connected. Companies must innovate and evolve to garner attention amidst a sea of competition. Integrate eCommerce and content to deliver exceptional purchase experiences for always-on consumers. Retailers must invest in new technologies to customize consumer experience, engage savvy consumers and address emerging channels like social, mobile and web personalization.

5 Essential Features For Your CMS
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital

The most important part of your web presence is the platform that powers it. A Content Management System (CMS) is a web platform that allows users to centralize data, edit, publish, and modify content on a single back-end interface. Primary goal of a CMS: Enable non-technical users to seamlessly manage content and customer interactions on their websites. Review 5 Essential Features of a CMS and ensure that you're powered by the right platform.

Top 10 Best Practices for Contract Lifecycle Management
White Paper provided by Contract Logix

Contracts define business relationships for companies of any size in any industry. They are the backbone of any organization, which is why managing them effectively is critical to the success of your business. Whether you work in procurement, legal, compliance, risk management, or sales operations, contract management has an impact on your daily life.

BI Success Beyond Data Visualization
White Paper provided by Sisense

Sisense vs Alternatives
White Paper provided by Sisense

Embedding Business Intelligence: OEM with Sisense
White Paper provided by Sisense