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Choosing the Right Solution: Issue Tracking Software for Customer Service and Support

When it comes to issue tracking software, the practical need is fairly clear: you have customers and/or employees to support, and you need an established set of tools to organize, track, and measure these services. Many software solutions available today offer the tools you need; however, it’s necessary to understand your specific needs before comparing products.

Choosing the Right Solution: Customer Service and Support Software

The practical need for customer service and support software is fairly clear: you have customers, you provide customer service to them, and you need an established set of tools to organize, track, and measure these services.

Choosing the Right Solution: Knowledge Management for Customer Service and Support

In the customer service environment, an effective knowledge management solution combines troubleshooting and resolution documentation, case histories, and customer information into a single, searchable repository with tools for workflow management, content collaboration, and reporting.

Choosing the Right Solution: External Help Desk Management Software

In general, help desk software is discussed in terms of the enterprise solutions designed for large companies. What about smaller companies simply looking for a more efficient way to support their employees and measure productivity?

Choosing the Right Solution: Customer Complaint Management Software

For even the best customer service companies—those with droves of highly satisfied customers—customer complaints are just a reality of doing business. In fact, these companies often owe part of their high satisfaction ratings to the strength of their complaint management systems and processes.

PhaseWare eBook: First-Call Resolution

The definition of FCR is quite easy: A customer calls with an issue and an agent helps fix the issue on the first call. Even if the call is transferred or escalated, it’s considered FCR is customer places only one call to get the problem solved.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Multichannel World!

Why does multichannel matter? By integrating voice, e-mail, web, and chat support into a single customer service strategy, companies are putting choice back in the customer’s hands.

Automation, Not Mechanization

How many steps do you perform from incident submission to incident resolution? How many screens are toggled through just to record the initial submission? How many communications are performed throughout the resolution life-cycle?

PhaseWare Tracker Incident Manager

Overview of the Incident Manager functionality within the PhaseWare Tracker application.

PhaseWare Customer Support

An overview of PhaseWare’s Customer Support Software Applications.