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– ActuateOne Review

Product Snapshot


ActuateOne is available as both an on-premise and SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

ActuateOne delivers BIRT-based solutions in the areas of banking and financial services, healthcare, life sciences, telecommunication, manufacturing, education, government and utilities.

Select Customers

Elcom, GlaxoSmithKline, Orange, Taleo, HSBC, Unilever, US Library of Congress, Xcel Engery, City of Chicago, Macy’s, Yahoo!

Customer Success Stories

Elcom, GlaxoSmithKline, Orange, Taleo

About ActuateOne

- ActuateOneActuateOne aggregates and integrates a number of disparate tools into one comprehensive environment that enables rapid yet robust business intelligence development, implementation and execution. Single-server architecture provides design-it-once creation capabilities for dashboards, reports and other BI applications. A singular user experience offers any user, regardless of technical proficiency or prior programming knowledge, an easy-to-use reporting system that fosters interdepartmental communication for optimized participation, decision making, and execution.

About Actuate
Founded in 1993, Actuate is a publicly traded corporation comprised of over 500 employees that serve over 5,000 customers around the world. Actuate originated and co-leads the Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) open source software project, and offers the ActuateOne commercial software suite based on BIRT. In addition to ActuateOne, the company offers the Xenos Enterprise Server for legacy data transformation, and the BIRT Perfomance Scorecard application for system embedment. Actuate’s OEM partners include IBM, Oracle, CA, Deltek and S1, all of whom rely on the BIRT foundation’s toolsets for improved insights and accurate reporting.

ActuateOne Key Features

Ad-Hoc Reporting: BIRT Studio

  • Easy template and theme creation for accelerated report generation; encourages self-service report creation for new users
  • Server-side triggering capabilities via new extension interface automate tasks based on opening, modifying, saving or closing a BIRT Design
  • Metadata and predefined queries checks improve active querying and subsequent analysis
  • Comprehensive aggregation and calculation functions, as well as grouping, filters, charting, and hide-and-show elements
  • Smart parameter prompting assists in fine-tuning reports
  • Previewing capabilities maintain underlying data integrity

BIRT Viewer

  • Features include: report scrolling, table of contents, data export, multi-page reporting, sharable links, internal hyperlinks, print, etc.
  • View gadgets and Flash charts
  • Compatible with Web 2.0-style reports and visualizations
  • Improved loading speeds via progressive report viewing
  • SSO integration for apps; repository authorization integration

BIRT Interactive Viewer

  • Interact with and customize reports without disturbing underlying data
  • Intuitive interactivity passively teaches BIRT basics for future report creation by more employees
  • Decreases IT-dependence for report generation
  • Added interactivity on crosstabs
  • HTML5-enabled mobile capabilities act as the foundation for BIRT’s full list of support functions for mobile devices
  • Optimized background performance
  • Easy customization and configuration

Dashboards: BIRT 360

  • Operational dashboards: KPI-specific drilldown functions; intuitive design capabilities for any skill set
  • Analytic dashboards: BIRT 360 Analytic dashboards utilize rich visualizations, with filtering, slicing and other visual drilldown tools for cause and effect identification any analysis
  • Connectors list makes dashboards easy to use for technically disinclined users
  • Print capabilities
  • Crosstab support
  • Compatible with Flash Objects, Google Gadgets, as well as third-party gadgets and data feeds
  • Mashup apps synthesize BIRT-based gadgets with third party Google Gadgets like Google Maps
  • Admin settings control users’ layout and interaction capabilities

Mobile Options

  • BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone and iPod; BIRT Mobile HD for iPad and BIRT Mobile for Android
  • BIRT onDemand: access to BIRT content from anywhere via SaaS technologies
  • HTML5 support

BIRT Data Objects

  • Stream multiple and disparate data feeds into one unified system
  • Create 2-D or 3-D data models
  • Multi-tiered access security settings
  • In-memory data federation: link multiple-user data sets together
  • Link in-memory datasets to additional content, Actuate or otherwise

BIRT Data Analyzer

  • A zero footprint, browser-based OLAP tool for business users
  • Utilize measures beyond the current cube view, as well as computed and predefined measures
  • Multi-dimensional data visualization
  • Rapid, intuitive analysis of data in BIRT Data Objects
  • Comparative analysis reporting
  • Multiple simultaneous viewpoints quickly uncover trends
  • Compare analytic data to operational data for root cause identification

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