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A subscription-based service, pricing is based on the number of data sources that clients connect to Anametrix. Anametrix doesn’t charge by user or for accessing data.



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About Anametrix

- AnametrixWith Anametrix, you can analyze and visualize all of your data, and share your findings with your entire organization and outside stakeholders. Your business becomes more agile and efficient with access to timely information through predictive alerts, scheduled report delivery and social collaboration across departments. You can access all this information anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Anametrix is a business data analytics tool that connects directly to your vendors as well as your internal data sources to enable you to get more out of your existing investments. Anametrix consolidates and correlates information across multiple data sources in real-time. Anametrix leverages API-based connections, batch data uploads as well as web-based data acquisition to bring together data from all customer engagement sources, including Web Analytics, email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, surveys, live chat, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, U.S Census, and 3rd party research – just to name a few.

About Anametrix, Inc.
Anametrix, Inc. is a privately funded next generation business analytics company whose technology is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS). A high-performance data management infrastructure handles data integration, statistical analysis, and other compute-intensive functions to seamlessly manage online, offline, and multi-channel corporate objectives. Founded in 2009 by analytics industry expert Blaise Barrelet, Anametrix provides cloud-based solutions that allow for quick and precise decision making from the correlation of vast amounts of data. Self-directed business insights are readily accessible across organizations, from sales staff to C-level.

Anametrix Digital Analytics Key Features

Streaming data
  • The Anametrix platform provides high-performance Internet-facing data collection gateways that are essentially highly optimized web servers. When possible, this is the preferred data collection mechanism as it eliminates the delay between data creation and reporting availability. Streaming data collection is used by a number of common applications such as web analytics, mobile app tracking, network monitoring, e-commerce and POS transactions.

3rd party services

  • Anametrix integrates with 3rd party services, such as e-mail vendors, ad networks, affiliate networks, research services, CRM and marketing automation systems, through a vendor-specific API. Data is transferred periodically according to a set schedule based on recommendations from the API provider. Anametrix can connect to any API to integrate data from 3rd parties into the Anametrix data stores.

Batch data transfers

  • Batch data transfers are used for client-specific data like uploads from internal databases, uploads from Anametrix tools (such as the Excel Client) or uploads from 3rd parties. Batch uploads can happen on-demand or can be set to run on a schedule.


  • Data that can be classified as publicly available from publishing services, such as Twitter, press releases, stock quotes or weather services, is incorporated into the Anametrix federated database through proactive network spidering. In this data collection mode, Anametrix will query and search various data sources and download data as needed.

Bi-directional MS Excel Integration

  • Patent-pending Excel client that bi-directionally integrates and reconciles data from existing Excel spreadsheets with data inside the Anametrix cloud. The Excel client can also be used to schedule reports and deliver them directly to your email inbox. The Excel plugin has been designed for high-volume use cases, and can easily embed hundreds of queries into a single spreadsheet.

Data export

  • Export data from the web browser. No limit to the size of the export, and you can download millions of rows of data within seconds.

Predictive Alerts

  • The Anametrix predictive alerting feature is available as an extension to our regular alerting features and builds on top of the base functionality by allowing alerts to trigger for events that have yet to pass – enabling early course corrections, and proactive problem resolution.

Analytics Framework Connections

  • R – Anametrix provides native bindings with both read and write capabilities through our module published in CRAN.
  • Incanter – Incanter is a Clojure-based analytics framework that runs on top of Java. Anametrix provides native bindings through Clojars.

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