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– ANCILE uAlign Review

Product Snapshot


ANCILE uAlign is a cloud-based communications and analytics solution.

Customer Focus

ANCILE provides training and onboarding solutions for companies of multiple sizes.

Select Customers

Barclays Bank Plc, Sberegatelny Bank RF, Los Angeles Unified School District, Miami-Dade County FL Public Schools, Michigan State University

About ANCILE uAlign

- ANCILE uAlignANCILE uAlign is a cloud-based communications and analytics solution. Client organizations can forward mission-critical messages to team members, issue trackable calls to action and confirm receipt and understanding of messages.

Founded in 2010 out of the divestiture of RWD Technologies’ software division, ANCILE Solutions has grown quickly to become a strong player in the fields of knowledge management and workforce productivity. Today the company boasts more than 3500 client organizations and 20+ years of software development experience on staff.

uAlign Key Features

  • Craft internal messages using a variety of media including text, links, audio, video, images, attachments and knowledge checks
  • Create channels to broadcast to specific internal divisions and teams
  • Create campaigns for automatic delivery of messages in specific order
  • Analyze and validate responses for comprehension and response time on messages
  • Report generation organized by employee, message, channel or campaign
  • Custom announcements specific to each relevant team, internal employee communications, updated SEC rules for finance, work safety reminders for warehouse staff

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