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Product Snapshot


AXIS ERP features a software architecture that leverages advanced technology and the power of the Internet. The solution is platform independent, uses a database design that can support multi-site and multi-business operations, and features a single development toolset to minimize the number of technologies that must be maintained.

Customer Focus

AXIS ERP meets the requirements of producers, manufacturers and service centers in all segments of the metals industry. AXIS ERP also is ideal for wire and cable producers that make either high-volume or custom products and range in size from large, well-known global corporations to smaller, family-owned businesses that serve a specialized customer segment.

Select Customers

Aluminum Line Products, Champlain Cable Company, Haynes Wire Company, Hendrix Wire & Cable, Johnstown Wire, Jupiter Aluminum Corporation, Marion Steel, Northwire, Ohio Coatings Company, Stripco, Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Specialty Metals, Universal Metal Service


- AXIS ERPAXIS is the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the metals, wire and cable industries. Comprised of the AXIOM® family of application software, the solution has been designed specifically for companies that transform metal through melting, casting, rolling, forging, drawing, annealing, slitting, extruding, stranding or cabling to produce a product. AXIOM metals ERP is a comprehensive solution capable of improving the performance of all key aspects of your business, including sales, scheduling, production, quality, and financial management.

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AXIS ERP Key Features

Dynamic Order Fulfillment
Dynamic Quotes, Sales Orders and Document Creation
  • Attribute-Based Order Entry simplifies customer communication and eliminates the need to manually look up or enter a specific product code. For each order line item, it automatically selects the appropriate product based on the entered attributes.
  • Attribute-Based Pricing simplifies pricing management and eliminates reliance on off-line paper tables or spreadsheets by dynamically calculating unit price, margin and/or discount and additional charges can.
  • Dynamic Commercial Descriptions ensures the accuracy of product descriptions on all documents while significantly reducing manual effort. Specific short or long descriptions are automatically created based on the attributes of the product.
  • Dynamic Customer Comments automatically links customer-specific instructions to the attributes of the ordered product and other customer information. Instructions can be related to processing, delivery, and packaging. Comments are automatically placed on designated documents based on customer policies.

Dynamic Production Planning

  • Dynamic Routings eliminates the need to maintain unique process definitions for every product variation by automatically creating work order and process routing details with the proper material, process steps, standards, operator instructions, tests, and product descriptions based on the attributes of the ordered product.
  • Attribute-Based Scheduling increases throughput by minimizing set-up time and scrap. Job/lineup sequencing based on product attributes optimizes capacity utilization.

Sales Analysis by Attribute

  • Sales History by Attribute provides quote and sales order history inquiries by any appropriate product attribute. History can be selected and sorted by any of the attributes entered on quotes and orders.

Easy Setup of Product, Process and Pricing Information

  • User-Defined Product Attributes allows companies to define specific attributes of any type of metals product, including such things as specification, grade, size, shape, finishing, etc.
  • User-Defined Capability Tables, Routing Templates, and Rules extend AXIOM’s process routings with an easily-maintained framework for defining attribute-based variations in material requirements, processing steps, standards, operator instructions, tests, etc. across an entire range of products or processing capabilities. Flexibility reduces the number of specific processes the company will need to create and follow.
  • User-Defined pricing tables extend pricing capabilities through a flexible way of setting up and maintaining attribute-based pricing matrices, variables and calculations. Date-effective tables can be easily updated based on incremental amount or percentage changes.

Sales and Service
Dynamic Order Fulfillment

  • AXIOM Dynamic Order Fulfillment eliminates the need to maintain unique product masters, process routings, pricing information, and descriptions for every possible product or processing variation.
  • Automates much of the quoting, entry, production planning, and documentation of orders to reduce time, effort, cost, and errors across a number of key business processes.

Atrribute-Based Product Lookups and Descriptions

  • Improves communication with customers, and provides the ability to match products and available inventory to customer specifications.

Order Promising

  • Helps companies pre-book more orders by providing companies with the available capacity and materials.

Workflow-Driven Quotation Development

  • Uses e-mail technology to accelerate the quotation process while ensuring the involvement of all necessary departments.

Sales Order Tolerance Logic

  • Simplifies order management while helping to avoid excess inventory, eliminate over-shipments and maximize revenue for MTO products.

Real-Time Order Status Inquiry

  • Helps companies provide customers with accurate, up-to-date information throughout the life cycle of their orders.

Claims/RMA Management

  • Helps companies maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by facilitating fast, effective handling of claims, complaints and returns.

Web-Based Customer Service

  • Through the e/Suite module, companies can build stronger customer relationships and reduce customer service call levels by making critical information such as order status, quality documents, and claim status available for direct customer access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Production and Operations
Unified Product and Process Definition

  • Reflects the way products are really made and reduces the effort required to describe and maintain them.
  • Provides an integrated definition of the production process, primary and alternate materials, quality specifications, and attributes/characteristics.

Attribute-Based Product Identification

  • Allows materials and products to be described, ordered, located, reserved, applied, and managed in an efficient and consistent manner without a proliferation or duplication of item numbers.

Dynamic Order Fulfillment

  • AXIOM Dynamic Order Fulfillment eliminates the need to maintain unique product masters, process routings, pricing information, and descriptions for every possible product or processing variation.

Quality Tracking and Control

  • Ensures that products are produced according to customer specifications while also reducing effort.
  • Maintains complete product genealogy and process history, including chemical/physical lot properties and in-process test results.

Inventory Control by Lot and Tag Number

  • Provides better utilization of inventory by showing full visibility of finished goods, WIP and raw material in terms of specific product dimensions, variable units of measure and container.

Load Planning and Shipping

  • Streamlines the shipment process, optimizes loads and reduces shipping errors.
  • Allows companies to stage partial, full, and multi-drop truck loads, schedule shipping and receiving carriers by bay or dock and time and print all shipping documents.

Specialized Capabilities

  • Supports the unique needs of a variety of environment within the metals, wire and cable industry to improve productivity.

Integrated Cost Management

  • Helps analysts and managers identify cost drivers and improve operational processes.
  • Automatically calculates accurate product costs based on AXIOM’s unified product and process definition and highlights variances based on actual production reporting and material application.

Integrated Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

  • Improves cash flow by providing support for complete order-to-payment business processes.
  • Includes automatic 3-way invoice matching and commodity pricing further reduce the manual effort required to identify errors and respond to changing external factors.

Multi-Company and Multi-Currency General Ledger

  • Provides management with a clear view of business performance while reducing clerical efforts and speeding the closing process.
  • Includes real-time posting from operational systems, drill-down to account activity details, extensive financial tracking and reporting tools, budgeting and consolidations.


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