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Bitium Review

Product Snapshot

  • Unlimited: Free
  • Unlimited Small Team: $199/month
  • Unlimited Premium: $599/month
  • Unlimited Premium Plus: $999/month


Selected Customers

OpenTable, GroupM, Breather, Pipedrive, Sparkart

About Bitium

Bitium Bitium is a centralized app management platform that enables you to easily monitor your company’s applications, passwords and users. With Bitium, you can more effectively manage the flow of app synchronization and sharing through features like centralized provisioning and single sign-on. The product also integrates with authentication providers such as Active Directory, LDAP and Google apps.

About Bitium, Inc
Bitium was founded in 2012 with the intent to develop an environment that efficiently manages all of an organization’s corporate applications.

Bitium Key Features

  • Centralized app management platform
  • Auto provisioning
  • Mobile access
  • SAML
  • Activity logs and reporting
  • Authenticiation – AD, LDAP, Google apps
  • Individual password strength manager
  • Cross-organization delegation (sharing between separate companies)

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