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Pricing starts at $49.95 a month for a year’s subscription.

Technology is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus works with companies in the fields of retail, rental, insurance, consulting, sales, and marketing.

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About On-Demand On-Demand On-Demand is an ERP and CRM software with many additional features to support a company’s operations. The platform allows users to work with a messaging system, support for portals, PRM, project management and a dozen more functions in the super suite.

The software provides businesses with tools to customize features, such as forms, tab views, access rights and fields. Additionally, the platform allows companies to integrate across all the functional areas of business as front and back office share the same database.

About the Company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. On-Demand Key Features

  • Super suite solution with ERP, CRM, and a dozen of other functions
  • Supports a large amount of customization
  • CRM includes sales force automation, marketing automation and customer support
  • POS abilities with support for tablets, card readers and online signatures
  • Payroll, time sheets and wage calculator
  • Document management system with routing and single-click approval
  • Tracks assets
  • ERP features include accounting, inventory and supply chain support tools
  • Tracks web analytics
  • Manages all business relationships relevant to the company
  • Self-service portals for customer case tracking, order entry and document sharing
  • Project management handles budgets, stage alerts and project procurements


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