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– Cougar Mountain SaaS Accounting Review

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Cougar Mountain SaaS Accounting is a web-based solution.

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About Cougar Mountain SaaS Accounting

- Cougar Mountain SaaS AccountingCougar Mountain SaaS Accounting provides all the features and functionality of enterprise accounting software. The solution includes point of sale, retail and back office capabilities, multiple user access on the same network and real-time financial information monitoring.

About Cougar Mountain
Cougar Mountain provides business accounting software and hardware solutions and has received the highest ranking in its class for the DENALI product line by CPA Practice Advisor.

Cougar Mountain SaaS Accounting Key Features

  • 24 x 7 management, support and administrationt
  • Quick installation and customization
  • Secure infrastructure
  • SAS70 data center facilities
  • Secure offsite storage and data backup
  • No need to purchase, install or maintain server hardware

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