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Dynamic Site Platform is an SaaS solution, reducing the strain on a company’s IT department to implement.

Customer Focus

Dynamic Site Platform is built to serve small to enterprise sized companies in a variety of industries, including high-tech, manufacturing and financial services.

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Swiss Re, Ciena, PR Newswire, Zenoss, BMC Software, RelayHealth


Limelight acquired Clickability in 2011.

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About Dynamic Site Platform

- Dynamic Site Platform Dynamic Site Platform is designed to help non-technical users create, manage, publish, analyze and edit all types of content as well as social media assets. Created as a SaaS solution, Dynamic Site Platform gets updated every four to six weeks with new features to continually supply users with a cutting edge WCM solution. Dynamic Site Platform is integrated with Site Platform for Mobile, which helps companies of all sizes quickly create a mobile website that includes the same user experience as their traditional website. Dynamic Site Platform also includes Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA), to make sure companies’ websites are driving qualified leads to the sales pipeline.

Through a rapid deployment timeline, sites can be up and running in as little as 12 weeks as compared to the 12 months other WCM solutions promise. Created as an easy to use solution, Dynamic Platform helps companies create a web presence while helping to manage the ever growing multitude of social media tools businesses need to be part of.

About Limelight Networks Inc.
Limelight Networks Inc. is an Internet platform and services company that provides business critical parts to the online content value chain. By providing cloud based services, their customers can benefit from moving their content management and advertising into a cloud environment. Limelight Networks currently has over 1,800 customers across the globe who use Limelight’s products to engage audiences, optimize advertising, manage and monetize digital assets and build customer relationships.

Dynamic Site Platform Key Features

Content Management
  • Dynamic Site Platform is a template based WCM that helps companies create a wide range of content quickly and efficiently.
  • As a template based solution, companies can share, repurpose and dynamically link related content.

Easy to Use Interface

  • Dynamic Site Platform was designed to be used by non-technical users. Templates can be populated with a few clicks from the mouse.

Linking Content

  • Helps companies link between content to help increase the number of page views.

Sharing Content

  • XML-based content repository and flexible templates help companies syndicate, share and publish content.
  • Content can be published across websites, mobile sites, RSS feeds and e-book platforms.

Workflow Management

  • Workflow Management controls who can create, edit and publish different types of content throughout a global organization.
  • Through permission settings, granular workflows helps site administrators create and maintain publication processes.
  • Dynamic Site Platform works for single step publications or complex workflows that cover multiple departments.

Marketing Support

  • Dynamic Site Platform can support a variety of marketing objectives deployed by companies.
  • Key marketing features include creating microsites and landing pages, email marketing, media capabilities, social media, SEO and SEM optimization and analytics tools.
  • Dynamic Site platform can also be integrated with third party marketing companies like ExactTarget, Eloqua, Marketo and

Advertising Tools

  • Dynamic Site Platform can be used by media publishers by supporting integrated ad serving as well as being integrated with third party ad servers like DoubleClick.

Multilingual Publishing

  • Global organizations can use Dynamic Site Platform to create, manage and publish content in a variety of languages, including those that require right to left (RTL) content entry.
  • Dynamic Site Platform includes tools to associate, manage, search for and filter multilingual versions of site content.
  • Companies can also focus on translating sections of the content vs. having to re-translate the entire document.

Multi-Site Management

  • Companies can launch new websites using existing assets and reuse content to retain brand control.
  • Content can be copied across sites, or through administrative tools, entire sites can be cloned.
  • Content can be assigned to multiple domains using the templates provided in Dynamic Site Platform.

Social Media

  • Dynamic Site platform was built knowing the importance of establishing and updating a social media presence. It includes social media features like polls, surveys, blogs and user generated content like rating and comments.
  • Companies can easily integrate the user generated content into site workflows to maintain site moderation. Includes support to allow users to register for independent accounts or sign in through Facebook.

Built-In Analytics

  • Includes built-in analytics that provide insights into user activity on the site. Tracks activity on daily, weekly and monthly basis to help organizations spot trends in visitor performance and tracks bounce rate and other important behaviors.
  • Integrates with third party analytics providers like Omniture and Google Analytics.

Website Marketing Acceleration

  • Visitor Identification provides relevant information on each visitor like referring website, search term used, duration of visit, and the visitor’s location. Data is stored as part of the visitor’s permanent profile after registration.
  • Progressive Profiling helps companies capture increasing amounts of information about site visitors over time by tailoring the questions each visitor is asked as they navigate the site within and between visits.
  • Lead Scoring helps companies evaluate the lead quality of site visitors and helps differentiate between simple lead conversions and qualified sales leads.
  • Targeted Content allows companies to create and deliver targeted content, promotions, and calls-to-action based on profile criteria like location, number of visits and lead score.
  • Reporting provides comprehensive reporting on visitors including referring domains, URLs, keywords, search engines, demographic, and behavioral information.
  • Integration with, Eloqua, and Marketo.

Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile

  • Flexible Templates that can be used to design for a variety of devices; allows rendering of template logic in any text format while maintaining full control over the HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Device Detection to determine what browser is sending the request and then render the right templates (Recognizes iOS, Android, Blackberry/Windows Mobile/Pocket Internet Explorer, Fennec, Mobile Opera/Opera Mini, and feature/WAP phones).
  • Separation of Content and Presentation ensures that the website will match the device that is being used to view your site.
  • Mobile Content Syndication through RSS feeds, configurable content types and other syndication methods.
  • Device Specific Image Resizing through device detection feature; images can be published in one size and automatically resized to match device being used.
  • Single Domain for Web and Mobile as well as option to create and maintain an m.domain.

  • Supports multiple languages including right to left (RTL) that allows businesses to reach global audiences.
  • Specifically designed to be easy to use by non-technical employees.
  • Dynamic Site Platform can help companies get their website up and running in as little as 12 weeks.
  • Mobile Extension provides option to host mobile website with same URL or the option to create a unique mobile domain on a variety of mobile operating systems.

Limelight Dynamic Site Platform helps non-technical people launch, update and monitor websites by offering a template driven web content management solution. With the importance of social media in business, Dynamic Site Content includes some built in social media tools. As a SaaS solution, Dynamic Site Platform can be up and running in a matter of months. With mobile devices becoming increasingly popular, companies need to make sure their sites are easily displayed on smart phones and tablets. Dynamic Site Content for Mobile extension can take a company’s current website and make it a mobile friendly site.

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