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– Engagor Review

Product Snapshot

  • Basic : $500/month
  • Professional: $1500/month
  • Enterprise: $3000/month

Engagor is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Engagor works with midsized businesses and enterprises.

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About Engagor

- EngagorEngagor is a top social monitoring tool that provides helpful insights so your company can best utilize social data. Engagor monitors social media websites (such as Twitter and Facebook) and numerous blogs, news sites and forums for particular topic mentions. Additionally, Engagor provides a suite of analytical tools to help companies discover industry and customer trends based on social and news media activity. Armed with this data, companies can respond simultaneously across all social media platforms using Engagor’s publishing tools. Of particular note is a robust toolset allowing large PR and customer service teams to delegate social media postings and collaborate.

About Engagor
Founded October 2001 and headquartered in Belgium, Engagor has quickly assembled an impressive array of international customers, including Microsoft’s Western Europe division, Volvo, Red Bull and Carlsberg. Engagor’s success is largely owed to well thought-out features, such as a partnership with Moreover that allows Engagor to monitor a wide range of international news sites for its global partners.

Engagor Key Features

  • Monitor large number of social media sites, news sites, blogs and forums
  • Monitor popular photo and video sharing sites for relevant media posts
  • Many options for filtering conversations, including geographical location, language and sentiment
  • Analytical tools mine posts for industry trends, demographics and customer sentiment
  • Publish across multiple social media streams with a single post
  • Set automated responses triggered by social media keyword mentions
  • Coworkers can collaborate on and delegate social media responses

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