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FunnelSource Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Product is available in multiple plans, contact vendor directly for pricing details.


Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Vendor works midsize and large enterprises.

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About FunnelSource

FunnelSource FunnelSource is pipeline management and sales forecasting software that provides sales reps with quota-centric system views, real-time sales funnel visibility, and eliminates the need for multiple dashboards, reports and static Excel files by providing a centralized system that delivers insights into multiple aspects of sales operations. The platform delivers 100% real-time analytics without latency or batching, is equipped with an actionable and dynamic dashboard through a single-screen interface, and generates customizable sales forecasts.

The software generates custom amount and volume reports, enables users to view pipeline changes over time in order to identify trends or potential risks, and is equipped with an intuitive quota engine that allows users to input multiple targets. Additionally, the platform generates forecasts based both on data and on user submitted processes and procedures, is built for seamless Salesforce integration, and is equipped with pace-to-quota tracking tools.

About the Company

FunnelSource was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Central California.


FunnelSource Key Features

  • 100% native Salesforce app
  • Multi-currency support
  • Supports customer-specific metrics for unique reporting requirements and sales processes
  • Inactive Salesforce reporting
  • Funnel history reporting tools


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