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Kelloo Review

Product Snapshot

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Kelloo is delivered via a SaaS model. As a cloud-based system Kelloo requires no hardware or software to install and maintain.

Customer Focus

Organizations of all types including IT, professional services, consultancies, software development organizations, marketing and engineering use Kelloo. Whether you run agile projects or traditional projects, big projects or small projects Kelloo will improve your portfolio management, resource planning and resource management process.

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About Kelloo

Kelloo Kelloo makes resource management, resource planning and portfolio management simple. With Kelloo you get realistic plans and no surprises.

Schedule projects, manage team capacity and track your portfolio to ensure you are working on the right things. Quickly spot resource bottlenecks, projects in trouble and skills in high demand. Capacity planning and scenario modelling help solve resource and schedule problems.

Features such as agile planning, product roadmaps, portfolio prioritization and portfolio dashboards help your teams get results fast. Kelloo is easy to use and quick to onboard.

About the Company

Kelloo was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom.


Kelloo Key Features

  • Portfolio planning – find the optimal mix of projects and timelines based on resource availability.
  • Capacity planning – forecast and model future resource needs.
  • Resource planning – get the right resources on the right projects at the right time.
  • Portfolio management – select, plan and manage projects across your portfolio.
  • Scenarios – evaluate different portfolio options.
  • Utilization – keep tabs on resource utilization and spot resources in trouble or skills in demand.
  • Multi project resource planning and allocation – balance and optimize resources allocation to projects.
  • Lean PPM and Agile at Scale – Kelloo supports Agile at Scale and Lean PPM initiatives.


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