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LastPass Review

Product Snapshot


A free version is available. Paid version pricing starts at $12 a year.


LastPass is available as an on-premise solution or as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

LastPass works with enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

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About LastPass

LastPass LastPass is an IT management software solution that maintains company passwords for users. As users browse the Internet and create accounts for services, the program gives users the option of adding said accounts to its database. Whenever users return to a site with a stored account and password, the system automatically fills in the login details. Meanwhile, users can go through the database to edit, organize and delete account and password data as needed. The product can additionally extend to ecommerce sites and store credit card, shipping and billing information. Lastly, LastPass can run complete audits on online security accounts to identify areas of potential weakness.

About LastPass
LastPass was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Washington D.C.

LastPass Key Features

  • SaaS or on-premise IT management software solution
  • Collects accounts and passwords as users sign up for online services
  • Fills in account and password fields when users return to sites they are registered on
  • Users can manage all password and account information in an online database
  • Can store billing, shipping and credit card details for ecommerce sites
  • Identifies areas where password security may be weak
  • Paid version includes a mobile app, workflows and data management tools


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