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– Limelight Orchestrate for Video Delivery Review

Product Snapshot


Limelight Orchestrate for Video Delivery is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Acquisition History

Limelight acquired Clickability in May of 2011.

Select Customers

SXSW, SKLZ, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Clinic.

Customer Case Studies

Cleveland Clinic

About Limelight Orchestrate for Video Delivery

- Limelight Orchestrate for Video DeliveryLimelight Orchestrate for Video Delivery is more than just a video publishing tool. Limelight Orchestrate for Video Delivery helps companies manage their videos via metadata. The tool can be integrated with many different content management systems. It provides real-time analytics and in-video search, and it supports multiple publishing models that include free, subscription, and ad-supported models.

Limelight Orchestrate for Video Delivery provides many tools for companies to get the most out of their videos. From customized players to the “search inside” technology, companies can provide a quality video experience to their viewers. Analytic tools will also help companies to see the performance of each video and adjust channels as needed.

About Limelight Networks
Limelight Networks Inc. is an internet platform and services company that provides business-critical parts to the online content value chain. Their customers benefit from moving their content management and advertising into a cloud environment. Limelight Networks currently has over 1,800 customers across the globe who use Limelight’s products to engage audiences, optimize advertising, manage and monetize digital assets, and build customer relationships. Limelight acquired web content management company Clickability in May of 2011 to increase their cloud offerings.

Product Key Features

Immersive Video Experience

  • Videos are a great way to keep visitors on your page. Limelight Video Platform provides an intuitive player-builder tool that utilizes a variety of templates. This allows users to customize the controls, colors, and playlists to match the current website.
  • Video platform also includes Limelight’s “search inside” technology that allows visitors to search for content in a video and be taken the point in the video that covers their search term.

Evaluation Content Performance

  • Companies can graph data for single videos and channels or for multiple videos and channels. Video Platform integrates with third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics, Nielsen, and Omniture. Data collected will help companies realize what videos are performing well or not.

Maximize Revenue Potential

  • Companies can monetize content by integrating third-party ad networks and displaying linear ads, non-linear ads, or contextual ads within the video.
  • Video Platform tools provide companies with full control over campaigns at either the channel or video level. This provides companies the ability to target specific segments, implement ad insertion policies, and adjust the channel frequencies.

Dynamic Delivery

  • Video players automatically adjust to the viewers’ connection to deliver the highest quality video for their connection.
  • Video Platform supports H.264 codec to provide high quality videos to viewers using low-bandwidth connections.

Optimized Mobile Delivery

  • Limelight Video Platform includes device detection tools and optimized transcoding for the most common mobile devices, and it includes open APIs for building mobile sites or apps.

Viral Content

  • Helps companies extend their video’s reach by allowing viewers to share videos via RSS feeds, email a friend, and link to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


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