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– Localytics Marketing Platform Review

Product Snapshot



Customer Focus

Localytics Marketing Platform meets the needs of small to medium business and large enterprises.

  • Enterprise $895/month, all apps
  • Premium $95/month per app
  • Community Free

About Localytics

- Localytics Marketing PlatformLocalytics Marketing Platform integrates both app and marketing analytics, enabling the delivery of targeted campaigns, driving engagement and boosting conversions based on in-app app user behavior and engagement.

Boston-based Localytics is a software company founded and led by mobile and application analytics experts. The mobile app analytics platform created by the company gives publishers of apps for mobile phones and tablets the tools needed to optimize their apps.

Localytics Key Features

  • Launch new campaigns without re-launching your app
  • Analyze all campaigns in one place
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Deliver rich in-app messages
  • Track all app marketing and usage
  • Professional, full-service support

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