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– Matrix CRM Review

Product Snapshot


Matrix CRM is a cloud-based SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for implementation.

Customer Focus

Media Sales Professionals.

Select Customers

ABC, Bonten, Cordillera Communications, Cox Media Group, Dispatch Broadcast Group

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About Matrix CRM

- Matrix CRM Matrix CRM is an easy-to-use CRM and pipeline management solution built to meet the needs of media sales teams. Matrix CRM allows users to identify target audiences and prioritize information for marketing campaigns with applications such as Custom watch lists and Forecasting Information. Matrix CRM has smart-phone functionality and monitors progress through scorecards for AES.

Founded in 1992, Matrix is based on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, PA. Matrix serves a client base of 10000 customers at over 800 outlets representing 110 markets throughout North America.

Matrix CRM Key Features

  • AE Visual Display
  • Pacing and Forecasting Functions
  • Custom Watch Lists
  • Watch Key Activity
  • AE Scorecared
  • Smart-Phone Functionality
  • Recent Activity Monitoring
  • Progress Notes

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