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Mzinga OmniSocial Insure is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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Mzinga works with businesses of all sizes.

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About Mzinga OmniSocial Insure

- Mzinga OmniSocial Insure Mzinga OmniSocial Insure takes the guesswork out of social moderation and allows you to read and hear the shaping opinions about your brand on social networks. OmniSocial Insure offers scalable, comprehensive online moderation for every social media strategy. Ongoing conversations about your business and your competitors are happening on social networks every day. Your customers, partners and prospects are all engaged, and what they read and hear shapes their opinions on the marketplace and establishes what they know about you. Protect your brand with OmniSocial Insure and know the conversations that are generated online won’t compromise your reputation.

About Mzinga
Mzinga is headquartered in Burlington, MA with a development facility in Mechanicsburg, PA. Mzinga is a leading provider of enterprise social software solutions and services serving the learning, marketing and support markets for employees, customers and partners. Through a combination of enterprise-class technology, strategy and online moderation services, Mzinga’s social solutions enable businesses to increase revenue and lower costs by improving brand visibility, employee performance, workplace satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Mzinga empowers millions of users at many of the world’s largest organizations in 160 countries worldwide.

Mzinga OmniSocial Insure Key Features

  • Predictable, Flat-rate Pricing keeps your budget and costs consistent even though your social media engagement may fluctuate and spike
  • Flexible, Full-Service Monitoring keeps your online brand strong and intact while ensuring a safe, welcoming environment for your audience
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable Moderators understand what’s unique about your brand and manage your community accordingly. Our team averages more than eight years of relevant experience
  • Global Coverage and Reach enables moderation around the clock, fluent and localized for whatever languages are relevant to you
  • Any Channel, Any Content moderation for your social communities
  • Any Channel: From your online properties – whether powered by Mzinga or other providers – to open communities like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, emerging channels and social aggregators like Thismoment and MassRelevance
  • Any Content: Far more than forum and content moderation, OmniSocial Insure monitors audio and video posts, avatars, profiles, artwork and images
  • Brand Sentiment Analysis and Competitive Intelligence are included in our comprehensive reporting and analysis, delivering invaluable and immediate insights into your business
  • Conversation Starters and content seeding help build positive culture within your community and ensure that your advocates stay engaged. Moderators can contribute industry and vertical expertise to build trust and engagement

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