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This product is no longer available
This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– Omniprise CRM Review

Product Snapshot

Technology Omniprise CRM is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus works with small, mid- and enterprise-sized companies.

About Omniprise CRM

- Omniprise CRM Omniprise CRM provides your company with simple tools to strengthen your sales, collaboration and accountability with an easy-to-use web management solution. Omniprise CRM offers twelve interchangeable modules, each designed to help you manage your sales pipeline in real time from beginning to end. OmnipriseCRM offers a user-friendly interface that allows a quick way to access and manage your business systems.

About was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Kentucky. The company produces software solutions for ERP, supply chain management, HR, accounting and manufacturing. Omniprise CRM Key Features

  • OmniDrive
  • Dashboard system
  • OmniLive
  • Custom report writer
  • OmniSynch
  • OmniAPI
  • OmniGUI
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Tech services
  • Organizational management
  • OmniScan
  • User management

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