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Oracle CRM On Demand Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

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Product is an on-demand solution that also has mobile capabilities. System requirements for Oracle CRM On Demand can be found here.

Customer Focus

Product is suited for companies in wealth management, automotive, technology and life sciences industries. Pre-built industry solutions include business process, data models, object models and business logic that supports the needs of each individual industry.

Select Customers

Miami University, OTE, ESCO NRG Limited


About Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle CRM On Demand Oracle CRM On Demand is a complete customer relationship management solution that can help companies drive sales, improve marketing operations, improve customer loyalty and improve overall service effectiveness. The software provides companies with contextual intelligence, real-time and historical analytics and adaptive business planning to help companies make better business decisions.

Oracle CRM On Demand is made for the life sciences, high technology, insurance, automotive and wealth management industries. The platform includes a variety of services and solutions to help lower costs, reduce risks and increase scalability.

About the Company

Oracle has more than 380,000 customers, including 100 of the Fortune 100, and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems to help organizations overcome the challenges they face and continue innovation.


Oracle CRM On Demand Key Features


  • Automates sales processes to enable salespeople to be more efficient, focus on customers and close more deals
  • Provides sales people with a choice of interfaces and allows the salespeople to work the way they do. As an on demand CRM solution, it can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime
  • Improves interaction with customers by providing everyone in the organization access to a single customer repository
  • Helps salespeople and managers access advanced analytics to improve pipeline visibility; making forecasting easier and more accurate


  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by helping companies make sure the right message is delivered to the right prospect with adaptive 1:1 campaigns
  • Deliver quality leads to sales by gathering more complete information through progressive profiling of each interaction
  • Helps increase lead volume and conversions through automated lead nurturing campaigns
  • Companies can build comprehensive prospect databases with a robust response management system
  • Maximize Marketing ROI by analyzing the unified revenue funnel across marketing and sales


  • Customers can interact with a company’s service organization through any channel they wish including IVR, voice and email
  • Helps agents quickly and accurately find the correct answer the first time
  • Monitors customer satisfaction and provides feedback for agent performance management
  • Monitors organizational efficiency to maintain continual process improvements

Call Center

  • Helps agents quickly and accurately find the right solution. Includes full solution lifecycle management to allow companies to create and maintain a relevant solution library
  • Companies can leverage Oracle’s best-of-breed analytics to monitor organizational efficiency and look to continually improve processes
  • Monitors customer satisfaction and feedback for agent performance management


  • Provides access to real-time business intelligence
  • Creates historical and trend analysis through data warehouse functionality
  • Companies can create ad hoc analysis
  • Covers a comprehensive set of subject areas and easily cover all CRM functionality

Mobile Capabilities

  • Manage key CRM data in real-time from handheld devices
  • iPhone can integrate with on-device calendar and contact applications
  • Easy to configure, deploy, manage and use
  • Extends and enhances investment in Oracle CRM On Demand


Oracle CRM On Demand Screenshots


Oracle CRM On Demand Videos


  • Provides a lot of features for companies to help improve customer service
  • Technology included to run CRM On-Demand on mobile devices
  • Can be integrated with Oracle’s Commerce solutions to extend the CRM functions
  • Cloud based solution to reduce implementation time
  • When user get the CRM On-Demand license, some customers will have to contact Oracle support to get the correct privileges set up before the user can access the software
  • On Demand CRM doesn’t display well on iPhone or iPad

Oracle CRM On Demand is a solid CRM solution that is designed for the life sciences, high tech, insurance, automotive and wealth management industries. With all Oracle products, companies know they are getting world class Oracle technology to support their software and to store their important business data.



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