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– Percussion CM1 Review

Product Snapshot


CM1 is a platform agnostic web content management system and is based on technology standards such as Web services, Java, XML, Ajax, Velocity, and Eclipse. CM1 also leverages a loosely coupled architecture to reduce technology overhead and provide an easy transition to the cloud.

Customer Focus

Percussion CM1 is designed for small companies across the public and private sector including Internet and new media companies, media, entertainment, travel and hospitality, and high tech organizations as well as education institutions and Federal and State government agencies.

Select Customers, Virginia Tech University, Kohl’s, TiVo,, and the International Committee for the Red Cross

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About Percussion CM1

- Percussion CM1 Percussion provides web content management software designed to increase web traffic, conversions, and social interactions. Percussion has been recognized as KMWorld’s “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” and Econtent Magazine’s “100 Companies that Matter Most” in the digital content industry for five consecutive years. Percussion has also received a Codie Award for Best Content Management Solution and a Best of AIIM Award.

Percussion CM1 enables businesses to quickly and easily design, create, change, and publish Web pages and content. The latest version of CM1 has placed a greater emphasis on social engagement features, and enhanced Tags and Categories to enable users to easily manage content, improve engagement, and drive higher conversion rates.

Percussion CM1 Key Features

Social Engagement
  • Blogs
  • Tags and Categories
  • Comments and Likes
Site and Page Creation and Management

  • Easily add or edit content
  • Make changes directly on the page
  • Visual Navigation and Sitemap Editor

Site Design and Layouts

  • Create and upload themes with just CSS
  • Visual Template Layout Editor
  • WYSIWYG User Interface

Build Using Widgets

  • Drag and Drop Functionality onto web pages
  • Rich Media – Video, Flash and more
  • Content contributors can easily add or edit content and embed new applications

Manage Content Items

  • Apple-style finder allows for easy browsing of site folders, pages and content items, enabling you create,delete, move, and edit all content
  • Asset Library
  • Form-Based Editing

Workflow and Validation

  • Approval Workflow
  • Form Validation
  • Spell Check


  • Staged Updates
  • Manual Publishing
  • View Publishing Logs


Slick and intuitive dashboard, Drag and drop functionality, easy to add and edit content, easy to use and very responsive system helps tog get your websites up quick and hassle free


Scalability issues


What truly makes Percussion CM1 great, is it’s ability to enable users to quickly build and deploy their web site without a lot of time and high consulting/design fees. Percussion CM1 will enable users to not only get the essentials in place, but to also leverage social features such as “likes”, blogs, commenting and more. Seriously though, they have one of nicest drag and drop interfaces, and I can’t talk enough about how easy it is to use.

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