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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Workday HCM.


– Platfora Big Data Analytics Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

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Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with companies of all sizes in the web, advertising, finance, telecommunications, energy/smartgrid, logistics and federal intelligence sectors.

Select Customers

Sears, Tui, Disney, Citi, Thomson Reuters, Volkswagen Group


About Platfora

- Platfora Big Data Analytics Platfora is a business intelligence solution that eliminates the need for large data warehouses and instead provides an environment for data cluster analysis using Hadoop, the cloud and traditional databases. The platform features event series analytics which finds common pathways across customer lifecycles, analyzes conversion rates in funnels, discovers attribution of events preceding a desired outcome and generates cohorts for measurement. It also is capable of segmentation where segments are identified by any combination of attributes, behaviors, metrics or cohorts. Users can visualize data using the platforms web-based Vizbooards, or export directly to Tableau, Excel or any other preferred BI tool.

Users can also store their work and administrators can designate what’s authoritative in the data catalog. Additionally, the software tracks all information and calculations which can be viewed back to raw files. Existing directories and authorization systems can be connected and access to data can be controlled based on business groups.

About the Company

Platfora, a Workday company, was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California.


Platfora Key Features

  • API access with RESTful API
  • Lens-accelerated SQL via SparkSQL and ODBC
  • Data Export to Excel XLS, Tableau TDE or CSV files
  • Build natively on Spark with intuitive UI
  • Supports JSON and XML

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