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About SAS Social Media Analytics

- SAS Social Media AnalyticsAs with most software that promises to analyze data derived from social media, SAS Social Media Analytics can mine conversations on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Though SAS doesn’t just provide automated sentiment analysis based on keyword frequency–the importance of posts is measured by the influence of the poster and her overall sentiment (the software can track influential posters using “hubs”). SAS touts the natural language processing of its software, for which SAS purchased Teragram, an artificial intelligence software company.

One standout feature of SAS’s offering is its ability to sort information by business area, allowing for more targeted and hasty PR responses. Social Media Analytics can also integrate with internal Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems to derive sentiment from support conversations. And as with many SAS offerings, Social Media Analytics can be tailored to specific industries, ranging from online retail to gaming to pharmaceuticals. Of note, government intelligence agencies worldwide have started to use Social Media Analytics for law enforcement purposes.

SAS Social Media Analytics belongs to the SAS Customer Intelligence suite. While many SAS applications are installed locally, Social Media Analytics is one of the SAS Solutions OnDemand offerings, meaning it is hosted remotely.

About SAS
SAS provides a suite of analytics and business intelligence tools that operates on all platforms using a multivendor architecture. Its products are deployed across over 55,000 sites worldwide, and serve 90 of the top 100 organizations on the 2011 Fortune Global 500 list.

SAS Social Media Analytics Key Features

  • Extensible language processing means software has “human” eyes, enabling the processing of colloquialisms and slang
  • SAS’s big data expertise means enterprise-level data processing capabilities
  • Industry-specific taxonomies
  • Track influential posters
  • Mine data from popular social networking sites as well as internal CRM software such as Salesforce
  • Cloud-based so no installation required and can be accessed remotely
  • Muti-lingual support

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