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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at WHUT.


– Skura SFX Review

Product Snapshot


Skura SFX is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Skura works with enterprise, multinational and mid-sized customers.

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About Skura SFX

- Skura SFX Skura SFX is a sales enablement software solution that works across multiple channels to gauge customer engagement. As consumers interact with a company’s brand, the program tracks all these actions and creates lead profiles that estimate the chance for a conversion. Meanwhile, sales reps can deliver marketing, visual and video content to leads based on the lead’s current position in the sales cycle. The system also works with a number of third party CRM platforms to facilitate the flow of lead information. The channels Skura SFX Sales Enablement works across include face-to-face meetings, social media, web and email.

About Skura
Skura was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Ontario. The company’s products are used by over 40,000 sales reps across the globe.

Skura SFX Key Features

  • SaaS sales enablement software solution
  • Monitors all lead interactions with a company
  • Profiles leads and estimates their conversion chances
  • Integrates with a number of CRM platforms for lead data management
  • Helps enforce brand consistency across all channels
  • Can send out marketing email, video and visual materials directly to leads
  • Tracks all ROI for marketing campaigns


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