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Tuangru Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Platform is a hybrid solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with midsize and large enterprises.

Select Customers

Critial Colocation, NYC Department of Education, Pemex, SnapFish, Michigan State University


About Tuangru

Tuangru Tuangru is IT management software designed to manage the user’s infrastructure across multiple workload locations including on-premise, colocation or cloud. The platform automates time-intensive tasks, improves IT asset utilization, and provides users with an array of core features including auto-discovery, IT asset monitoring, auto-change management, cloud monitoring, software monitoring, zombie servers, capacity planning, and reserve assets.

The software tracks applications and OS licenses that run on both physical and virtual servers, monitors the user’s public cloud alongside physical devices, and automatically logs any changes made to hardware configurations, software, VMs or network cables. Additionally, the platform monitors all aspects of the user’s infrastructure including facility, IT, virtual and cloud assets, optimizes current and future capacity, and is equipped with advanced search capabilities for locating zombie servers.

About the Company

Tuangru was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.


Tuangru Key Features

  • Elminates manual data entry and related errors
  • Monitors power at device, rack PDU, PDU, UPS, transfer switch and generator levels
  • Accurately logs and timestamps all changes
  • Provides users with a complete picture of both the C-suite and data center managers
  • Delivers asset utilization metrics


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