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Yammer Enterprise Social Review

Product Snapshot


Yammer Enterprise Social is a web-based SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Yammer is used by clients in various different sectors including 85 percent of companies in the Fortune 500.

Select Customers

Deloitte, 7-Eleven, Intuit, Rakuten, DHL, Shell, eBay, Pitney Bowes

Customer Case Studies

Vodacom, Pepperdine Business School, LG Electronics, Pitney Bowes

About Yammer Enterprise Social

Yammer Enterprise SocialYammer Enterprise Social acts as a private social network for use in a company environment. As a cloud-based solution, Yammer can be accessed from many different platforms including desktop PC, smartphone, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Boosting productivity and team efficiency are the solution’s primary goals. Interdepartmental collaborations are made easier through the conversation system, and information is kept uniform across the network with organizational charts, global announcements, and built-in directory sync capability. Employees can tap each other for information and assistance using a Twitter-style @mention function.

Yammer in conjunction with Deloitte Australia was chosen in the 2011 Forrester Groundswell Awards as the winner in the Management: Collaboration System category.

About Yammer
Launched in 2008, Yammer quickly became a pioneer in the area of enterprise social networks, raising $142 million in venture funding from various sources and occupying an overwhelming market share. Today more than 80 percent of companies in the Fortune 500 use Yammer with 200,000+ user companies worldwide.

In June 2012 Microsoft acquired Yammer at a cost of $1.2 billion, integrated as part of the Microsoft Office Division under David Sacks. Since the acquisition Yammer has stated plans to develop further integration with SharePoint, Office365, Dynamics, and Skype.

Yammer Enterprise Social Key Features

  • Full accessibility from smartphones and any computer with web connectivity
  • Integration with several Microsoft software suites including SharePoint
  • Secure and private cloud-hosted social network for your staff
  • Teambuilding tools like leader boards, praise awards, and user groups
  • Searchable user profiles for tracking skill sets and expertise
  • Content collaboration through file sharing and note compilations
  • Full visual customization tools
  • Fast switching between external and internal networks
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