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Perforce Software Helix ALM

Helix ALM is an asset lifecycle management modular suite of ALM tools such as requirements management (Helix RM), test case management (Helix TCM), and issue management (Helix IM). The suite proves compliance through a traceability matrix, provides companies with automated workflows, is equipped with risk management tools, and measures metrics in order to generate reports.

Top 3 ALM Platforms to Solve Your Application Development Needs

Application development tools are vital to ensure applications run smoothly, monitor deployment, fix glitches, perform updates and execute any number of other maintenance tasks.We’ve highlighted the top 3 ALM platforms that stand out at the front of the pack with their offerings.

Goda Software CASE Spec

CASE Spec is an ALM software solution that allows product development teams to efficiently define, organize and capture mission-critical business needs, and manage all types of requirements across the project’s lifecycle. The software captures customers’ requirements, use cases, bugs and backlogs when developing and releasing products.

Verivo Akula

Akula is an application development software solution that builds and maintains mobile apps across an entire enterprise. The program is compatible with any type of IDE and helps users save time by suggesting ways to reuse pieces of code.

Buying ALM in 2014: The Features You Need

To ensure your application is well nurtured and high-performing, Application Lifecycle Management software (ALM) serves as an essential tool for every event of an application’s life. To make sure your application has its essential needs met, here are the features you need when buying ALM in 2014.

IBM Rational Clearquest

IBM Rational Clearquest is database workflow application development software that provides companies with built-in change and defect tracking tools and allows users to customize processes. The platform is equipped with lifecycle traceability and system visibility, multi-platform support and workflow automation capabilities.

Siemens Polarion ALM

Polarion ALM is an ALM software solution that provides complete project transparency and gives users a solid collaboration platform. The program works from source code to production and enforces compliance every step of the way.

– SmartBear ALMComplete

SmartBear ALMComplete is an ALM software solution that uses collaboration to help keep team members organized. At the start, users can enter in projects, assign tasks to different works and prioritize project needs. Users can then share documents with one another, test different builds and compile lists of defects.

Meliora Testlab

Testlab is a modern web-based quality management suite used to improve product quality and testing processes. The platform offers a full application lifecycle management suite with requirement, test case and issue management, including test execution.

Inflectra SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam is an application lifecycle management (ALM) and agile project management solution designed to create features, requirements and user stories, and then develop a high-level release schedule for quality project development. The business and technical teams can work together to develop the sprint plan for the releases, breaking features into discrete stories and tasks to assign to individual iterations.