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The Death of Outsourcing and Other IT Management Trends

In a guest post for Forbes, IPsoft’s CCO Jonathan Crane explores shifting trends in the IT industry including the death of outsourcing and the rise of automated software tools that help companies deliver better, faster results to their users.

An Idiot’s Guide to DevOps

VentureBeat catches up with Dell’s Barton George for an exclusive Q&A on the background of the DevOps movement and how big businesses are using it to emulate the startup development mentality.


OutSystems is an ALM software that makes it easy for IT organizations to build, deploy and manage complex and scalable enterprise web and mobile applications. It is the only application platform as a service (PaaS) available as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution that generates standard Java and .NET applications with fully automated DevOps support.

Application Lifecycle Management is Much More than Just Writing Code

Vishwajyoti Bhattacharjee explores the growing importance of ALM tools for IT companies. Read this article for a taste of the broad applications of ALM software, and explore CollabNet’s blog for even more great application development content.

OutSystems Platform Overview

Plutora Release

Plutora Release is an ALM software solution that helps users plan, manage, and deploy all of their company’s IT releases. The program brings together all release information and displays it on a dashboard for the user’s IT teams to see.

Endeavour Agile ALM

Endeavour Agile ALM is open source application lifecycle management software designed to automate the entire development process and is equipped to create large-scale enterprise system solutions through iterative and incremental development processes. The platform correlates lifecycle artifacts with development efforts, enables users to track development progress, and is built with a graphical user interface.

Atlassian Jira Software

Jira Software is an application lifecycle management software for teams who are planning, developing and launching a product. The platform allows users to work with powered product teams including Facebook, Microsoft, Hulu, Cisco and LinkedIn using a clean interface and code integration tools.

– Fixmo AppZone

Fixmo AppZone is a part of Fixmo EMP and helps you secure every process that is a part of the mobile app lifecycle.

CRM & Project Management Combined

One of the weak points I have seen is the limited integration and pain of double entries when CRM and […]