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Looking for feedback or perspective on the 2 ALM products..Atlassian’s Confluence vs. CollabNet’s TeamForge…?

Seeking evaluation or comparison input; and or general feedback and insight on product performance, team collaboration feature-sets, inter-operability with other […]

TechExcel DevSuite

DevSuite is an industry leading ALM software solution and the first to include built-in multi-site support. The platform is built with the tools users need to effectively manage development, with support for both agile and traditional processes.

– Actian Cloud Action Platform

Actian Cloud Action Platform is a web-based development system designed for app makers. Users can create, manage, and distribute all their apps, and the program’s Vectorwise engine provides quick app analyses and information

Why Productivity Matters to Your Application Development Team

After analyzing data from a study of more than 2,000 projects, I noted that whether measured in function points per person month (FP/PM) or hours per function point, productivity is about half of what it was in the early to mid-1990s. I propose that the problems with productivity are principally due to management choices rather than issues with developers.

Let’s Talk Serena Software: Q&A with Senior VP David Hurwitz

Serena Software revolutionized the app development lifecycle with the DevOps approach. We talked to Senior VP David Hurwitz about what the DevOps revolution means for the top application development software, and how Serena is staying a step ahead of the competition.

SCM and Enterprise: Andreessen Horowitz’s $100 Million Investment in GitHub

When Andreessen Horowitz announced earlier in June that his venture capital firm would invest $100 million in the online program management application GitHub, people paid attention. GitHub is application development software that performs the task of source code management (SCM).

– Nolio Application Release Operations Suite

Nolio Application Release Operations Suite automates application release, maintenance, and management to improve speed and quality.

– OutSystems Agile Platform

The OutSystems Agile Platform was created as a software development and management solution targeted at building Web business applications. It equips IT with the tools to integrate, assemble, deploy, manage and change Web business applications using agile methodologies.

Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Software

Micro Focus ALM is DevOps optimized application lifecycle management software that combines ALM, DevOps and development tools through an open REST API and a methodology-agnostic approach. The platform supports collaboration processes throughout the lifecycle, provides users with actionable insights, and is equipped with application build, test and deployment tools.

CollabNet VersionOne TeamForge

TeamForge is application lifecycle management software designed to support collaborative software development, as well as ensure governance, compliance and code security standards. The platform supports Agile, continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, as well as provides end-to-end visibility, traceability and reporting.