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How Can Customizable CRM Help Various Industries?

A business without a custom CRM is like a kid trying to wear his father’s shoes, which never seem to […]

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is recruiting software that builds recruiting software solutions for small and growing executive search firms, headhunting firms and recruitment agencies. The platform provides companies with a single space for multiple functionalities, such as managing applicants and generating invoices,allows users to work together without juggling between email client, CRM and ATS, and provides visibility into which teammates are emailing to candidates and contacts, as well as allows users to assign different roles to teammates within an organization.


Emailmate is an email management software that stores a user’s most common “canned” email responses and transforms them into useful personalized messages by implementing powerful customization options. The platform stores the users’ most frequent responses so that they can use and re-use, as well as improve email messaging overtime in order to create and send effective emails.


NinjaOutreach is an all-in-one influencer marketing and outreach software solution that provides companies with access to a database of millions of influencers and blogs, and helps companies generate leads for their next campaign. The platform helps users find influencers in any niche or country through keyword searches or automated processes, and enables users to save leads and set up influencer marketing and outreach campaigns for link building, guest posting, content promotion, business marketing, branding and digital PR purposes.

CRM Lead Management Process – Best Practice

Were you ever ignored in a shop? The sales assistants too busy chatting or checking their phones to pay you […]

Shrivra Salonist

Salonist is an salon-focused CRM software solution that helps users to manage their salon from one place. The platform enables users to easily schedule the meetings with clients, tracks client information and communication histories, and is equipped with the tools to handle prepaid and postpaid payments as well as to determine related tax liabilities.

Salpo CRM

Salpo CRM is CRM software that allows users to create and utilize limitless fields, create tailored bolt-on modules and third-party integrations, and is designed to work as both a straight-forward sales tools as well as customized to satisfy any user- or company-specific requirements. The platform is equipped with a full set of CRM tools and functionalities, including email sync for synchronizing contacts and emails with any existing email systems already in place, synchronizes Office 365 and G-Suite calendars, and is equipped with opportunity management tools for managing sales pipelines.

Engage2Serve e2s Retain

e2s Retain is a CRM system that enables university staff to proactively support students, provides a 360 degree view of student information and statuses, and identifies any at-risk students in order to provide the support and assistance they need. The platform makes intervention tools available through everyday devices, as well as provides students with a mobile app for self-reporting, self-scheduling appointments, persona targeted information and career services.


Pike13 is CRM software designed specifically to support businesses that focus on recurring services, automated payment processes, scheduling and client management. The platform is a mobile solution that enables users to manage client and customer check-ins and attendance tracking, billing and recurring payments, staff payroll, and reporting from mobile devices, as well as enables to create branded company apps that enable clients to manage their schedules, find upcoming activities, purchase plans and passes, and manage their own payment methods.

Olapic Creator Platform

The Creator Platform is CRM and CMS software that automates the management of ongoing influencer and influencer-created content, and is built to handle any size influencer network, large and small. The platform provides users with intelligence CRM functionalities and logistics engines, which centralize influencer relationships, contribute content and performance reporting.