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FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM is a cloud-based sales, marketing and customer service platform that helps small businesses nurture quality customer relationships. The platform works automatically with the user’s email to create and classify leads, send follow-up reminders, perform custom automations and track all interactions with customers.

Rakuna Recruit

Rakuna Recruit is a campus recruiting solution designed to help recruiters handle stacks of paper resumes and manage candidate’s information amidst the constant travel between campus recruiting events. The platform enables recruiters to capture resumes and evaluate prospects instantly, quickly track their data on a dashboard, and manage recruiting events all in one place.

Indition Sales Team CRM

Indition Sales Team CRM is a CRM tool that enables users to find, nurture and engage with clients by following business opportunities through the sales cycle, from lead development all the way through to account management. The platform allows users to import existing contacts into the system, is equipped with task management tools for creating, managing and assigning tasks to team members, and supports social integration.

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ItaQuod is a structured CRM software solution capable of aligning all resources within the organization to efficiently and effectively acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and learn where and why customers are being won and lost. The platform was created to offer an innovative CRM solution that fundamentally changes how organizations empower sales to close business, and how the rest of the organization learns what is needed in order to be more successful at acquiring customers in the future.

Funnel CRM

Funnel is a CRM and sales software solution designed to support anyone who receives work inquiries through their website by providing companies with a simple form builder, form submission management and tracking tools, and enables users to create and send well-formatted proposals in multiple currencies. The platform builds and maintains contact databases, allows users to communicate through their chosen email client or smart phone, and integrates with the user’s Gmail and Google Apps account.

Aegis Premier Technologies Aegis CRM

Aegis CRM is a CRM software solution that provides donor management and fundraising tools users need to help plan and execute fundraising campaigns. The platform manages campaigns and makes adjustments by gaining quick insights from the system’s analytics and reporting tools, and enables users to manage donors, send appeals and run analytics from any desktop, tablet or mobile phone with the fastest cloud-based solution in the non-profit industry.


SendX is a marketing software solution that provides companies with remarketing and retargeting tools for web businesses. The platform enables companies to use popups, landing pages, email, web push notification, automation workflows, and Facebook and Google retargeting strategies, helps users focus on conversion and revenue rather than vanity metrics like opens, and provides users with great tools for lead generation, email marketing, and marketing automation.


OnSched is an automated online booking platform that provides companies with an efficient way to convert visitors into leads, as well as a new model of advertising called Pay Per Appointment (PPA), which creates more valuable leads than Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Lead advertising. The platform enables users to build white-labeled workflows and processes based on their business needs, as well as integrates third-party CRM systems such as Salesforce or HubSpot.