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Magentrix Employee Collaboration

Magentrix Employee Collaboration is an enterprise-level community portal that enables employees to collaborate and improve productivity in a secure and mobile-friendly environment. The platform includes tools to streamline internal communications, centralize resources and gain insight into company performance.

– m-hance Social Business

m-hance Social Business is an enterprise social software solution that works through company intranets to host social streams for users.

– CloudSquads Social Monitoring

CloudSquads Social Monitoring works across all your social media channels to monitor conversations and deliver relevant ROI data to you. You can use this data to hone your different social media profiles, making them appealing specifically to that channel’s followers.

Behind the Software Q&A with tibbr

With the amount of social collaboration tools out there today it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. The best social collaboration tools make good on moving their conversations past simple extensions of watercooler conversation. Enterprise software veterans TIBCO have created just such a standout in the form of tibbr. We sat down with Sriram Chakravarthy, VP of products and engineering for TIBCO, to learn more about how the team is setting tibbr apart.

Mzinga OmniSocial Learning Extended Enterprise

OmniSocial Learning Extended Enterprise is customer engagement and acquisition software that enables users to utilize social channels in order to connect with customers and potential customers. The platform facilitates team collaboration processes, promotes direct interactions with target customer groups, and works to increase revenue and reduce sales cycles by nurturing customer relationships.

The No-Cost Office, Part 8: 100% Free Social Collaboration Software

This week, the writers at compiled a list of the top free social collaboration software products, which are the perfect solution for companies needing both a strong internal social network and a robust arsenal of task management tools. These virtual workspaces aren’t just for socializing, they exist to streamline collaboration and provide employees with tools that make working together simple and effective.

The No-Cost Office, Part 7: Five Free Enterprise Social Network Platforms

While managers often limit the amount of time employees waste perusing Facebook, business-oriented social networks can actually increase workplace productivity and foster a tight-knit internal community. Enterprise social networking transforms the way employees interact with one another by providing individuals with activity feeds, mobile-access, simple file sharing, online forums and personal profiles. Check out these 5 free enterprise social networks we’ve uncovered.

Scone Mobile: IGLOO’s Play Towards BYOD

Igloo, a cloud-based enterprise social and knowledge management intranet, announced yesterday the new version of their platform will be free to download on August 31st. The new version, like other large version upgrades (such as the Android’s Jellybean or Ice Cream Sandwich), has a tasty title: Scone.

TIBCO tibbr

tibbr is an enterprise social network that provides a virtual workspace designed to create a collaborative, effective work environment. The platform allows users to discuss and track projects, chat in real-time and instantly share news and updates.

– LongJump CRM

LongJump CRM is a complete CRM solution with sales force automation, e-mail marketing, and customer support features. For sales force automation, the program stores all lead, prospect, and account information and logs each customer interaction. In the event that you are overdue for a follow up, you will receive an alert.